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House map is a visual representation of any structure viewed from above which depicts the relationship between internal arrangements, furniture arrangement, fixtures, equipment, fixers and whatever is required in order to visualize an accurate view of the whole structure

House is a human need and it is considered to be one of the most important parts of home. A house map helps in keeping a track record of all the areas of your house that can make a good floor plan of your small house floor plan. It also helps you keep an eye on the construction progress of your house. A house map will help you know about the changes that have been made in certain areas like the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms etc. This will help you take decisions about the change that needs to be made in those areas.

house map

house map 

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get best house map or house plan services in India best 2bhk or 3bhk house plan, small house map, east north west south facing Vastu map, small house floor map, bungalow house map, modern house map its a customize service 

house map include all room sizes and other measurement with door window position and vastu 

if you require vastu friendly map just tell us direction 

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How Do You Make a House Map?

How do you make a house map? There are two ways to approach this question, the first is by doing it the old fashion way, that is to build a model from local, and the second by using one of the advanced programs designed specifically for building a house by

How do you make a house map? After you have drawn out your house plans, you should consider all the architectural specifics. You need to think about windows, doors, floors, ceilings, plumbing, electrical work, etc, but the architectural details are often the last to be included in a house plan. It can be difficult to change these details after construction has begun.

1 bhk house plan How Do You Make a House Map?

You should also pay close attention to details such as window placement. For example, while you may consider a home with a large window to enjoy the outdoors, another person may prefer to keep their home simple and clean-looking. Think about how you want to feel when you are inside the house because this will affect how you will design your house. If you feel a peaceful and relaxing ambiance, then you may want to make changes to your drawing, while someone else may want to make their house look very busy.

Learning how do you make a house map?  how to make a house plan starts with discussing it with professionals like To understand more, begin by drafting a basic house plan on plain paper with your requirement and then modify it with our team based on your personal needs and preferences. When you have finished your plan, see if there is something that you can add or change to make it more efficient and effective for you. While it is possible to draw house plans with my house map, using a website that makes house maps for you can help save time, effort, and money.

Where I Can Find Good House Map?

A question that frequently pops up is, “Where can I find a good house map?” If you are like most people today, you are looking for one to help you pinpoint your real estate investment opportunities. A good house map will help you determine the areas where it is possible to use more space and make it perfect.

There is actually no secret about how to find a good house map. It just takes a little research and you will find what you are looking for. You need to visit 

Where I Can Find a Good House Map?

A question that frequently pops up is, “Where can I find a good house map?” If you are like most people today, you are looking for one to help you pinpoint your real estate investment opportunities. A good house map will help you determine the areas where it is possible to use more space and make it perfect.

There is actually no secret about how to find a good house map. It just takes a little research and you will find what you are looking for. You need to visit .

east facing simple house plan Where I Can Find Good House Map? allow you to plug in your own information, such as the size of the house, the number of bedrooms, and any other specifics that they may have. From there, you can see the average prices for houses in different areas of your town or city. This allows you to decide whether or not you can afford the house. In my opinion, this is where I can find a good house map.

How can I design my dream house map online

How do I design my dream house on a computer? It’s actually pretty easy. You see, you can go to a site like and get a simple process and interactive features that allow you to design your dream house right from your desk. That’s right, you don’t have to run all over town to get the supplies and start putting things together. You can get your house map built first and then design your house from there. Here’s a little bit of information that will help you make your house plan even easier.

One thing that you should do is find out what sort of things you want to include in your dream house. What sort of style of house are you wanting? Do you want a colonial house or something more modern? What sort of neighborhood do you live in? You’ll want to map that out as well so that you know where you need to place certain things. There’s nothing worse than buying a house and finding out later that the neighborhood doesn’t support your needs.

Small House map design 

Small House Map Design can be used to get an approximate idea of the floor plans and other relevant details of a small house design in India. These Small House Map Design Samples is prepared by They can be used by people who wish to build their own houses. The Small House Map Design Samples is not ready-made Small House Maps which is available at but requires your inputs before using them.

Small House Map Design Samples includes different plan and layouts of home floor plans and shows the front elevation of various floor levels. These house plans and maps are available to fit the specifications of different sizes of buildings

Small House Map Design can be used for anyone. These include floor plans of duplex homes, multiple-unit dwellings, bungalows, single and large bungalows, high rise hotels, condominiums, villas, farm houses, flat buildings, agricultural sheds, shop buildings, and even factories. All these can be converted into a single story, two story, three story, paroxysms, and even four-story homes using these floor house designs. It is possible to create beautiful small room homes even for a small family if one follows the right kind of design layout and plans. These are not just small house designs that can be created; they are also ideal for the ones who are looking to buy a large lot of land.

Small house single storey house plans come with complete details about the materials, size, dimensions, and building restrictions. It can be made to fit into almost any location and also be built to the size and requirements of the builder or homeowner.

While purchasing a small house elevation sample from an online source, make sure that they provide you with accurate dimensions and heights. This will help you finalize your budget and know exactly how much space your home has. Also, it is essential that you check out the details of the house elevation. If you are not able to locate accurate details in the Small House map design sample then it would be wise to purchase a plan from

house plan by sizes

house map up to 1000 sq ft

25*50 house map
house plan up to 1000 sq ft

house plan  up to 1000 sq ft

see the sample house plan of small sizes in  

here  these  house plan will give you idea about the way map will be design

house plan design is customize service its depends on  plot size direction and requirement of client  

house map 1000 to 2000 sq ft

north facing simple house plan
house plan 1000 to 2000 sq ft

see some of house plan design between 1000 to 2000 sq ft

most of the house in India are in this size

its a very popular segment

we provide best house map drawing and use maximum space and also keep good air and light flow in the house 

easy process and affordable price 

house map 2000 to 3000 sq ft

west facing house vastu plan
house plan 2000 to 3000 sq ft

house plan design  up to 2000 to 3000 sq ft

this size of house comes in bungalow or villa categories

this kind of house have more space good space always provide luxury and good sizes

more open space is possible for garden and back yard

overall house map drawing for these houses more creative and attractive 

house map 3000 to 4000 sq ft

house plan 3000 to 4000 sq ft

house plan design 3000 to 4000 sq ft big space of house give plenty of space to design 

big sizes of rooms  big parking area good size of toilets 


and open space in all sides of house for proper light and ventilation 

that kind of house looks luxuries and spacious in all terms

if you have big size of land area customize it with our expert team


House Map Pricing

house map price depends on plot size and numbers of floor

Ground floor plan

4000 starts from
  • floor plan with door window
  • 3 time changes possible
  • as per vastu

duplex plan

5000 starts from
  • floor plan with door window
  • 3 time changes possible
  • as per vastu

triple story plan

6000 starts from
  • floor plan with door window
  • 3 time changes possible
  • as per vastu

Share your details and get quote for house map

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in general floor plan usually takes 2 to 3 working days

front elevation design takes 2 to 3 working days and

and some days require to do the changes as per discussion  

usually we don’t do site supervision or visit or construction as our concept is online 

during the time of construction we provide telephonic  support if our client require

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Reliable firm got house design services in 2012 and came back in 2019 same enthusiasm same energy best house design services available online thanks my house map 

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I always wanted a beautiful home and also worried about it but my house map designed my ideas in reality. superb services.  thanks for support my house map

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Planning of Indian House Map

Indian house plan map is a set of drawing which gives accurate information about the construction of any particular structure, room, or rooms in any particular house. It includes all the dimensions and all the information required to build or remodel that particular house. Planning and layout of Indian house plan map is an art and a science. There are lots of factors involved in it like planning, layout, and measurements of different rooms. In fact, there are lots of techniques and methods used to draw up such a plan.

In India, house plan maps have been considered as a source of accurate information for constructing or remodeling a house. These are prepared for the use of Indian architects, engineers, and interior designers. Map of Indian house was prepared by many Indian institutes. You can easily buy it from the market and start drawing your house with it.

Nowadays there is the best online website available where you can buy this beautiful Indian house plan map that is Many Indian architects have also started sharing their knowledge and experience on house plans. This has helped people in knowing more and has helped in improving their way of life. Indian house plans have also been helpful for the people of other countries who wanted to know how to draw or visualize their house plans.


2 bhk house map plan
house map plan

These are the best resources you can use for planning your Indian house plans. There are different kinds of Indian house plans, you can select from. The house plans include both traditional and modern structures. But before drawing or planning your structure, you should make sure that you have selected the right type of building for your place.

You need to understand the main ideas and usage of different rooms in your house. You should also have an idea about different structures like kitchen, guest room, washroom etc. If you don’t have any idea about it then you can take help of house plan map. This kind of resource will not only help you in selecting the proper structure but will also guide you in the usage of it. You can get an Indian house plan map for every structure you want.

When you are drawing a house plan map, you should be very careful about some factors. You should understand that the location of your house is an important factor which should never be left out. Your location will determine many things in your life. For example, if your location is far from the airport then it won’t be possible for you to go for a holiday easily. But if you have planned your structure according to the airport’s proximity then you can easily travel anywhere in the world.


Another important thing that should never be forgotten is the budget. You should make a budget for your new structure and then only start the process of construction. If you think that you are not going to finish it in the budget, then don’t hesitate to cancel the project. Planning of Indian house plan map is not all about buying a lot of materials and land. There are lots of other things which should be considered like the location of the building, location of water, electricity, drainage system, septic, and another kind of systems. All these factors have to be well planned before starting the construction.

Most of the people who do not plan their structures properly will end up spending more on construction than they had initially planned to spend. Planning is not a difficult task but most people do not give enough attention to it. So, if you really want to build your dream house then make an Indian house plan map properly.

Choose The Right Home map And Make Your Dream A Reality!

Home plans are architectural drawings or blueprints that identify the exact structure and location of a building or a set of buildings. The main objective of home plan designing is to prepare the blueprint of a building project in order to facilitate better planning, execution and cost management. A home plan is not just a blueprint but it also serves as a guide for the architects to create a good design that would meet the requirements of the customers and satisfy their needs. Now-a-days home plan designing is made easy with the availability of several software applications that make home plan creation very easy. With home plan applications anyone can create a home plan online in few clicks by just a single user.


There are various reasons why home plans become an essential component of any architecture or home design project. One of the main reasons is that home plans help to determine the exact positioning of various structural components of a building and also indicate the location of doors, windows and ramps. Home designs provide a perfect guideline for electrical, plumbing, ventilation system and roofing system of a property. A home plan is an effective tool for planning and executing a house design project which ultimately depends on accurate home designs and building specs.


A well-planned home plan facilitates easy surveying of properties to the outside. With the help of home plans it becomes easy to judge the building size against the available space. For instance a three storey house plans would be quite inadequate if the available space is less than a one room flat. Thus home floor plans are very useful and essential element of every house design project.


Home floor plans have become very popular since last few years. They are designed according to the specification of clients and builders. These house plans help to make more room space in the available area in small house designs and to make rooms look more elegant and spacious. Large house plans will make the inside looks much larger and more comfortable than what it really is.


You can easily find out home plans according to your own needs, likes and dislikes. If you are new to home designing, you can opt for ready to build home plans, where the client provides all required technical information and the blue prints. Such home plans are good for those who don’t want to spend time on home designing. Ready to build home plans can be chosen by those who already have some technical knowledge about home furnishing styles. But if you are new to home designing then you can opt for custom home designs.


Custom home plans are made based on the needs, requirements and space of clients. It comprises of various options like the built houses, modular homes, single family home, etc. These plans are helpful for people who don’t have adequate space to accommodate traditional home plans. However, you should take proper care while choosing house plans.


For selecting right house plans, you should prefer Eco friendly house plans. Such house plans will use wood, environment friendly material and materials to construct the home. It is always recommended to choose green materials for constructing house plans, as it helps to save trees. If you are planning to build a small home, Eco-friendly floor plans are perfect for you. It doesn’t require much space and yet you will be able to live an eco-friendly life.


You must also choose a perfect color combination for your home plan. Usually the best colors for small rooms are light ones such as beige, gray, brown and others. Selecting the color of your home plan is one of the most important factors for creating your dream home. Your floor plan will be totally different if you use dark colors for your dream home. Thus, you must take proper care while selecting the color of your home plan.

Why Use a House Map Maker?

What is an Online House Map Maker? It is an online house design firm house plans and designs homes online. It works with an expert that allows the user to share their requirement and get a proper plan and design. When it’s ready then we will send it you through the mail, it will save directly to your hard drive. 

What are the advantages of an Online House Map Maker? It is possible to find the best online resources, professional, and even the best designs from top designers company like who have created many different types of houses and home plans. You can save a lot of time browsing the various online resources. You may be surprised at how detailed some of the houses maps samples are. r.

How do I get a house plan drawing with an Online House Map Maker?  you will need to visit and browse the website? Once you have it, you will be able to start ordering your house plans home, or design.

What are the different things you can create when you are using an Online House Map Maker? There are many things you can do with an online plan drawing website. For example, you can get a floor plan, online house map designs, home design, or even a naksha 3d-floor plan drawing.

Can you see why people like these house map maker website like so much? You can get a hold of your dream house in just a few days from now. All you have to do is share your requirement for the perfect home map with And once you get that perfect home map, it will be easy for you to find your house whenever you want.

You should also keep in mind that these are some really high-quality maps you can get when you use a House Map Maker. There are plenty of great features, you can get when you use For example, you can do 2 times the changes in your home plan. 

Also, you may want to get an idea of what the final product will look like before you start spending money on it. These online house designs firm help you see your home in all its glory before you execute it on site. It will make the whole process easier, and you will spend less time on drawing and design. So you may want to see a few online home map house plans before you purchase your first home from a builder.

How to Construct House With House Plan – Best Tips  How to Construct House With house map

When planning how to build a house with a house plan, it is important to consider the house plan carefully. A plan may appear to be very simple but it needs to be well thought out and executed in order to look elegant and beautiful. The size of the house has to be determined as well as the other details like the number of rooms and its floors. The best place to find a house plan is the Internet. You can find it at websites that offer great designs and tips on how to build a house with a house plan.


Deciding the number of rooms is one of the most important factors of your house plan. This determines the overall cost of your project. Remember that the more rooms you add, the higher the cost. Make sure that the number of rooms will fit in your budget. It would be nice if you have enough budget but still, you can do better.


If you are planning to build a small house, then using small home plans is advisable. You can just make it look bigger than it actually is using some tricks. You should also remember that this is only a tip on how to build a house plan, you still need to do your homework and research before you go into this.


There are also some house plan models that you can find online. You can try these if you want to know more about how to construct a house with a house plan. These are usually available on our website.


House plans are generally categorized according to space and location. You can get a complete set or simple pieces according to your needs. They will also come in various sizes. You can use whichever size fits your house plans. You can make your house look bigger or smaller by simply changing the design and color.


You can build a good house plan by consulting an architect or any specialized professional. These individuals will be able to help you. Just make sure that you get their services legit otherwise you may just regret it because later on, you will see that they have used poor quality materials which would have been more expensive. But as mentioned earlier, there are free plans available online. You can start by checking the internet for a list of house plans.


Now that you have a basic idea of how to construct a house with a house plan, it’s time to choose the best materials and location for your construction. You can use the material guide to select the best materials that will suit your house plan. You should also take into consideration your budget since this is very important in determining the amount of money you can spend on your project.


If you know the basics of building houses, you will be able to construct your own house. You can get help from different materials and try out different strategies when choosing different materials for your house. Some materials cost more than the others, so you must make sure that you are getting the best deals. Once you have the house plan, everything is easier. You will be able to start learning how to construct a house with a house plan within a short time.

Explore the Secrets of India’s Best House Floor Plans


House map – The term “house map” refers to the actual plans of building a house on paper. For some people, house construction is an unimaginably daunting process. Deciding on a theme, not to mention choosing something from so many different home plans, is something that a number of people leave to the professionals. Luckily, with the availability of, planning a home has become much easier.


A House map is basically a tool that helps you choose a floor plan and design ideas that work well with your available space and budget. There are many websites where you can find such resources for your planning needs but is the best among them. For example, the has a large collection of Indian house floor plans, floor plan designs in various states and other international maps. These are made by award-winning online consultant


A House map allows you to make accurate calculations and projections on your available space. You can also choose your preferred materials. For example, you can choose wood, metal, concrete, or PVC for your floor plans. The best map in 1200 square feet home plans is the Duplex Floor Plans.


The best maps in India are the ones that have separate living and dining areas. These are the houses that are built in such a way that there is no room for confusion. The best maps in India are those which help to create an illusion of space. The best maps in India also offer all those services which would be found in large houses like separate sitting and sleeping rooms, kitchen with utensils, cabinets for storing clothes, etc. The best maps in India also include separate sitting and sleeping rooms.


The best maps in India have all these features. So, when planning to build your dream home, get the best map in India. Get the best map in India to discover the hidden corners of India. Explore the rich cultural heritage and the diverse landscape of India and make your home a place of beauty and relaxation.


House Map Design For construction? why we need a house map

A well-designed house plan also allows for future expansion. It shows that the size of the proposed house in future years will still be similar to that of the existing house. This helps in determining the appropriate sizes of rooms, bathrooms,3d and other fixtures. This is especially important when there are structural changes, enlargements of rooms, adding additional floors or other renovations are expected.


The planned house should also have proper insulation and ventilation. It should have adequate daylight and ventilation. It is important to determine where the sun or windows can get into the house and what kind of weather conditions the house would have to deal with.


All the information regarding an architectural house map design needs to be carefully documented. This includes information about the house such as size, location, number of rooms and bathrooms, roof, ventilation, etc. This information needs to be maintained for purposes of planning and implementation. Once the house is ready for construction, a house map design is again needed. This is done by a house map designer.

An architectural house map design is a critical tool used by architects, engineers, and contractors to plan and manage their projects. The main purpose of this  is to help in coordinating and organizing the various phases of a project. They help in the determination of priorities, cost estimates and schedules. In addition to this, they are very helpful for planning and budgeting for a project. House maps can be manually prepared or computer generated.


Before hand, an architectural house map design contains a lot of details regarding the project. But as the project progresses, these details tend to get out of date and become redundant. This is because the life cycle of a building project is very complex.


Hence, an architectural house map design needs to be updated on a regular basis. Updating the house map helps in avoiding unwanted delays and helps to coordinate the various phases of the project. If you want to have an architect to take up your project, then you must update the house map design on a regular basis.


For planning purposes, an architectural house map design should include a detailed floor plan of the proposed building. It should also show the locations of key utilities and drainage systems. Also, it shows the connection between streets and drainage systems. All these details help in determining the feasibility of the project. In addition to this, it helps in dealing with all kinds of construction-related issues such as easements, zoning, foundation, etc.


Since there may be a lot of variations in architectural house map designs, it is best to look into various options before settling on one. A contractor can help in this process. He will inspect the house to analyze its current condition. He can tell if it is still possible to have the house remodeled without any major alterations. Contractors usually carry out remodeling with their staff to make the job easier.


A good house map designer can even give the house map design in 3D. This way, clients who can’t tour the house can see the entire structure from different angles. This can give them a better idea of how the whole thing will turn out. Also, they can see how big the changes will be once construction is complete. Their expectations can then be aligned with the remodeled house map design.


The process of remodeling a house may take a few months depending on its complexity. It may also require that the house plan designer and his team finish a lot of research. Once they have finished their research, they can put their findings into practice during the construction. A house map design can show the whole layout of the house, including areas of the exterior and interior. It can even include information about how different features of the house can benefit the owner.


One of the benefits of modeling with an architectural house map design is that the client will not have to hire a contractor to do all the heavy lifting. All he has to do is cooperate with the contractor for the construction process. He will also be able to oversee the whole construction project from start to finish. The client will only have to pay attention to the details and finish things accordingly. This is the better arrangement since the architect will have more time to come up with a good architectural house map design.

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