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first floor home front exterior

A new house that are newly constructed, but has not been finished on the first floor yet will have a large window area with the home front exterior being the first thing that the buyer sees.

This could be very important to you if you have already purchased an existing home with a high price point and are looking to sell your house fast or simply want to show potential buyers that you are serious about selling your home quickly.

first floor home front exterior

One way that this can be done is by having your first floor home front exterior painted with a color scheme that is in harmony with the rest of the house interior. If you are looking for something a little more modern and up to date with a warm feel to it then consider painting the first floor with a lighter color, such as cream.

If you choose to go with a darker color then you will be able to use a bit more contrast between the color of your first floor and the color of your living room or family room.

first floor home front exterior

first floor home front exterior 63*40 ft 2520 sqft

first floor home front exterior with parking and boundary wall  in budget construction  


plot size


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