new home design

  1. If you’re looking for a new and modern design for your home’s exterior, consider a double floor plan.
  2. The use of 3D elements and a simple color palette of grey, white, and blue can create a modern and sleek look.
  3.  The addition of tiles in a hut shape style adds a touch of tradition, giving the design a unique and eye-catching appearance.
  4. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary feel or a traditional look, this design can be tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.
  5. With its combination of modern and traditional elements, this design is sure to make your home stand out and leave a lasting impression.

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new home design

new home design

 29×40 ft 1160 sqft new home design with 2-floor design grey and white color combination, traditional look design.


plot size


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new home design The scope of exterior home improvements can range considerably depending on what projects you hope to accomplish. Some exterior home designs can be completed in 2 to 3 days while other big exterior home designs can take weeks for them to be completed properly. Even if you have never worked on home construction before, we will help you to create a new look in your home. If you decide that you do not have time to spend doing a lot of the building of your home, you may want to consider purchasing readymade exterior home designs so that you do not waste your time or money.