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Front elevation first floor

  1. The Indian style front elevation of the house building showcases a simple yet elegant design with a brown color theme that features white and crème accents.
  2. The first floor, also known as the 1st floor, boasts a unique corner design that incorporates glass tiles, adding to the overall burstiness of the building’s exterior.
  3. The photos of the house highlight the intricate details of the front elevation, showcasing the mix of colors and textures used to create a visually appealing design.
  4. From the simple yet stylish use of glass to the subtle variations in tile patterns, the house’s first floor design demonstrates an excellent use of perplexity and burstiness.

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Front elevation first floor

Front elevation first floor

 42×50 ft 2100 sqft Front elevation first floor with car aprking and two side entrance.


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top Front elevation first floor 2023

A front elevation is basically part of an artistic design of a house. Modern house-front architecture for first floor is usually decorated with modern furniture with minimal designs and colors. It is also an artistic rendering of the overall set as depicted from the back and has all of the necessary measurements written down.

The most common place to find this type of architectural style in a home is on the first floor. In most cases, front elevation design can also be found on the second floor, although it is not as common.

Most modern furniture comes with modern flooring and walls that are painted with modern colors and patterns. The latest style of modern architecture is known as modularity, which is when materials are manufactured together to form a piece that you cannot only use to cover a certain area, but to make your room look like an entire room. A modular furniture design is one of the most recent styles in modern architecture.


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