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Exterior Design Building Plans For 3 Floors

Elevation Design is the process where the designer creates a building envelope by integrating the different building features like roofs, floors, facades, entrances, and other visible exterior structures.

The most important thing to note is to select the right materials that can be used to construct the house. When you are constructing a 3-story building, you need to be aware of the three different design heights that are used. You can use one main floor plan that consists of the main entrance and other levels which are used as living spaces.

You can also use the single story house design that consists of just a main level that can be accessed by the stairwells and the elevators. However, this is not recommended as it may increase the building load capacity. So the best option for the architects is the dual story house design where all the levels of the building can be accessed by stairwells or elevators.

The best part about building a three-story apartment units is that you can incorporate the beautiful rooftop gardens. These designs are available in various styles like the gable roofs. They are the most popular choices, as they create a modern look in the building.

Most of the architects create fascinating designs with the help of interest. It is an amazing concept that helps you to build a modern house design that makes your guests gasp in awe.

You can upload the pictures of your dream building on interest and get ideas from others who have built these beautiful structures. The exterior design building plans can be found on pinterest and you can find the details and tips to make the perfect plan.

elevation designs for 3 floors building

elevation designs for 3 floors building 60*50 ft 3000 Sqft

elevation designs for 3 floors building with parking yellow and brown color  in budget construction


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