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indian simple home design


The Indian Simple Home design is a popular choice among designers and homeowners because of its simplicity and its ability to blend in with the surroundings. With so many colors and designs, it is very easy to get lost in the sea of home design. If you are looking to build an amazing Indian home you should take a look at the simple Indian design.

indian simple home design

Not only can it make any room in your home feel like a masterpiece but you will also find that it is the most affordable option of all. Many people spend more than a month just on materials and the labor to build an Indian home.


You will have to do much less work in building an Indian home as compared to an American home. It is a lot easier to use a building material to construct an Indian home than one that is used for building a house in the US. In the US you need to use nails to join your roof and walls together.

indian simple home design

Indian simple home design 30*55 ft 1650 sqft

Indian simple home design with car parking and boundary wall design budget construction   


plot size


no. of floor





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