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two floor house elevation

  1. This beautiful two-floor house design is perfect for those who want a simple yet modern home in the village.
  2. The small house is designed with a modern touch and features a stunning 3D elevation that is sure to catch anyone’s eye.
  3. The house has a simple yet elegant design, with a white and brown color theme that gives it a warm and cozy feeling.
  4. The glass and tile work is intricately done, making the house look more elegant and stylish.
  5.  The use of SS pipes in the design is a unique feature that adds to the overall beauty of the house.
  6. The beautiful elevation design of the house is one of the standout features that makes it unique and truly remarkable.

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two floor house elevation

two floor house elevation

29×43 ft 1247 sqft two floor house elevation with car parking cream and grey color tiles.


plot size


no. of floor





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best two floor house elevation 2023

two floor house is one that can be built with either one or two floors. Two floor houses are also known as log homes and this type of construction was popular for most of the nineteenth century. A double floor house is basically a home that has two floors built on a single foundation and the walls will connect to each other. Many people prefer this type of construction because they are able to keep their cost down.

Building a home that has a double floor house can be very expensive when it comes to labor. Most contractors recommend that you hire them to build a home that has two floors if you are unable to do it yourself.

A lot of construction companies are going to charge more for this type of building design than they would charge for a house that only has one floor. If you can do the job yourself, it may be best to pay the extra money for the two floor house.

One major advantage to having a double floor house is that it can make your home look much bigger and it can give the illusion of being taller. A two floor home is great because you can take advantage of all of the different areas in the room. Some people will even put a second level in the living room, where it will make it look bigger.

good contractor will always work with you to make sure that you get what you want and that you are satisfied with the results of the project. Remember, however, that not every house can have two floors, so it may be better to wait a while until you are able to build that type of home.


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