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Front elevation double floor design

The new, latest design in floor plans for your home has been designed with an emphasis on high-end, ultra-modern, and spacious front elevations. This means that your home can actually have two floors that can be used as living spaces, as well as an additional, separate living area that can be converted into a second family room, den, or home office, all of which adds a new level of “wow” factor to your home.

With a double-floor design, there is also room on the lower level to accommodate a guest bedroom. And with the additional floor space, you can easily install two new kitchens, one in the basement and one in your living area, which makes the “home office” the central hub of all your business activities.

The main advantage of having a double-floor design with a single entrance is that the design of the building itself does not have to change at all, and the front elevation will still look exactly like it does now. This is not the case with the typical single-level design, where the architecture of the building changes based upon which entrance you use from one floor to the next.

But with a double-floor design, the architecture will stay the same, which allows for a very consistent appearance throughout the entire building, whether it’s a single-level home, or multi-level home. You don’t need to change any internal architectural elements because of the presence of the second floor, but you do need to change the external architecture so that you can accommodate two new entrances to your home.

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Front elevation double floor design

Front elevation double floor design 30*40 ft 1200 sqft

Front elevation double floor design with boundary wall and black color tiles in budget construction  


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Front elevation double floor design

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