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front elevation design 3 floors

Front elevation design was first introduced in a residential apartment project to save floor space in the construction of the project. In order to create more space in the construction, a variety of buildings were designed. The building that has been used as a model for front elevation design is the Triplex.One can easily notice the similarity between the Triplex and the Triplicity by looking at its simple front elevation design. If you look closely at the front of a Triplex building, you will see that it has a single entrance and exit on each of its three floors.

As a simple front elevation design, the front entrance of the Triplex is located to the left of the main entrance. The main entrance on the other hand is located on the right of the Triplex building and the exit is located to the right of the main entrance.The reason why the entrance is located on the left side of the Triplex is because the entrance is a direct entrance into the building. If the entrance is not a direct entrance, the Triplex would look cluttered. In fact, the entrance is situated in the center of the building which makes it look like the building is not very organized.This is the main difference between the Triplex and the Triplicity.Simple designs are very simple to build. In this case, the architect was very concerned with maximizing the amount of space in the Triplex by building the interior of the Triplex as a single unit.

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front elevation design 3 floors

front elevation design 3 floors 22*54 ft 1188 sqft

front elevation design 3 floors with parking and cream color tiles in budget construction  


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front elevation design 3 floors

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