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first floor elevation

elevations are a way to make your house look more modern by using different styles of floors with some on first and/or second floor, depending upon how big your house is..To create a feeling of high-rise building with multiple stories you can try the First Floor Elevation…with one or more floors having an “elevated” floor.

Second Floor Elevation…with more than one story having an “elevated” floor. Top Floor Elevation…with the highest floor in your home. All these Elevations are “Multi-story” and add height to your home…A Contemporary Look Best suited for modern homes.

First Floor Elevation…A modern and easy method of elevating your home is with a newly “instant” multi-story deck with a grand opening to your home. You can do this with a modern “Elevation” House Plan. Also, the first floor elevation designs can be done using a new modern “Elevation” that will be raised up to the front of your house using machinery and/or your own creativity.

The “First Floor Elevation” is also a great way to hide your basement, attic or garage, thus creating extra usable space in your home. This “first floor elevation” will also create an elegant grandeur feeling with a new “first-floor” feeling to your home’s design.

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first floor elevation

first floor elevation 31*60 Ft 1860 Sq ft

first floor elevation design with parking and boundary wall design  in budget construction


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first floor elevation

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