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Double Floor Design for Your Duplex Homes

Double Floor Designs: An Elevation Design That Combines Value With Elegance is a Design that allows for maximum interior and exterior space. This type of design features a home with two floors instead of the typical three or four floor designs seen in many homes today.

Two Flush Floor Plans: Modern Two Storey Home Front Double Flush Plans Two Flush Floor Plans. In the modern marketplace, it is possible to purchase a duplex home, or homes that have multiple levels that combine to create one, larger home.

A duplex home can have two or more floors, but typically these homes are only available in a single unit that contains both floors. While the concept of having two floors within a single home may be enticing, the process of duplex design requires more than one person to complete it.

Two Flush Floor Plans: Two-Level Home Designs The Double Floor Plan Design combines the advantage of having two floors in a single unit with the design benefits of the Two Flush Floor Plan Design.

In addition to the cost of building a duplex home, there are other costs associated with building this type of design including the expense of constructing an entrance on the second floor of the home, and the cost of operating a plumbing system between the floors.

Additionally, the installation of two different floors inside of the same home requires extra labor and additional time. Two Flush Floor Plans: Two Storey Home Front Flush Plans The Duplex Design is a unique design that allows for an attractive look with the addition of an extra floor.

elevation design double floor

elevation design double floor
30*48 ft 1440 sqft

elevation design double floor  with parking cream and brown color tiles in budget construction


plot size


no. of floor





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