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The Front Elevation Duplex Homes 

Front Elevation Duplex Home: Two storey home plan and design with a large living area on the upper floor. It has a four story cantilevered facade and a five storey flat roof. The home has two stories and an open rear on the bottom floor. A two storey living room with a fire area, a dining room, a spa and a pool can be reached from the lower level.


The Front Elevation Duplex Homes - Amazing Homes for Your Home

Front Elevation Duplex Home: The exterior of the Front Elevation Duplex Houses is designed in the Gothic style. It has a Gothic entrance with high arched entrance door, Gothic porch, and gate.

The gate is made of iron and has two gates on its left side and one gate on the right side. A gate has two gates on its left side and one gate on the right side. There is a huge brick wall that extends all around the building and a gate facing a courtyard.

Front Elevation Duplex Home: The interior of the Front Elevation Duplex Home is designed in a style that is known as French Deco. A wall made of polished concrete with a wooded base, marble counters, oak floors and a glass panel in the main living room. On each floor is a unique design with an open back and a balcony.

The stairs leading to the bottom floor are decorated with wooden beams and the stairs leading to the top floor are decorated with red bricks. There is a grand entrance hall that is decorated with marble and there is a large central hall decorated with wrought iron pillars. The kitchen of the front elevation duplex house has a round table with four chairs placed around a red marble counter and a cabinet with red plates and silverware.

Front elevation duplex house 16.41

Front elevation duplex house 16*41

Front elevation duplex house design with parking and cream color tiles  in budget construction  


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