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3d bungalow elevation

The Bungalow Elevation is a house that is made of bricks, while there are also some concrete units built on the same site. The three levels are made with different bricks that are laid side by side to form a building. There are also sections in the top of the building that have some different levels that are built with different sizes, shapes and different materials.

Some of these levels are made with some tiles, which are also laid in a different way and shape. The Bungalow Elevation houses are made in such a way so that they can be easily raised to the height of the people living inside, while the other ones are built on level ground.

The Bungalow Elevation is a one of its kind, unique design, modern, and comfortable house that can be enjoyed for quite a long time. There are two levels in the entire structure of the house. It is a building that has a lot of space inside it, while at the same time, it has very little space outside of it.

These houses are designed in such a way so as to provide a spacious design and feeling to the residents. There is not a lot of space outside of the main living area in the Bungalow Elevation. The living area is actually a huge open space that can easily be reached from the main living area of the house. The house is also very much airy and warm, which are quite similar to the living spaces of people living in the country side.

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3d bungalow elevation

3d bungalow elevation
33*55 ft 1815 sqft

3d bungalow elevation design with car parking and two side entrance in budget construction


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3d bungalow elevation

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