traditional elevation design

  1. Looking for a home design that blends traditional Indian style with modern touches.
  2.  Look no further than our expertly crafted double-floor home with a beautiful white and light brown color theme.
  3. Our traditional front elevation design is complemented by a modern front stair section and rustic grey color accents.
  4. Plus, our unique hut-shaped mummty design adds an extra touch of charm and character to your new home.
  5. Whether you’re in search of a cozy retreat or a spacious family home, our team of experts can help you create the perfect design to meet your needs.

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traditional elevation design

traditional elevation design

35×54 ft 1890 sqft traditional elevation design with double story car parking,and glass section.


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Using a traditional height design for your home design is relatively simple especially if you understand what’s inside and what’s out. With a traditional style, the entire structure will only be made up of one main part. This main part is made up of the foundation which will give the structure with more simplicity.

Most of the time, the foundation will also consist of a cellar or a crawl space that is underground. If the house is a pre-modern structure, you should take note that the house may have a single story. This means that the story number will be different for traditional homes than for modern homes.