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Simple indian style home elevation design

One of the most attractive and striking features of an Indian home is the simple yet exquisite home elevation design. It is an elegant feature which is present in almost every house irrespective of the size and complexity.

The reason for its popularity is that it is a highly functional feature that enhances the value of a house, thus it has a much greater potential to attract buyers than any other conventional designs.

The basic idea behind this design is that it gives a sense of unity within the house.

The home elevation design also provides a cozy feel to the room and also makes it appear as a small room within the big house. The concept is quite simple but the end result is a unique anexceptional feature of a house.

The elevation design of a house is a complete package of the basic design features which are used in the construction of the house. One of the major differences between an ordinary house and an Indian style house is that the latter is built entirely on a raised foundation.

Most of the traditional houses are built on the ground level. This provides a very cramped feeling inside the house, which is often associated with old houses. The elevation design of a house, on the contrary, makes the room appear like a large room with high ceilings, which can be easily seen from the windows.

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Simple indian style home elevation design

Simple indian style home elevation design 25*60 ft 1500 sqft

Simple indian style home elevation design with boundary wall and cream color tiles in budget construction  


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Simple indian style home elevation design

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