bungalow elevation

The bungalow elevation is the most recent addition to Indian luxury house plans exterior modern house design, and it has all the charm and luxury that come with serviced villas. Being located at a distance of less than 2020 meters from the city center, the bungalow offers easy access from any part of the city. Most tour packages include the facility of vehicle rental to make your tour of Kerala a special one.

The beauty of this place is that it is not far away from the major tourist hubs of the country. You will get to explore and enjoy all the delights of this nature’s paradise within the budgetary limits of a normal tourist.

The bungalow is located at the height of Munnar hills, at an approximate distance of 130 kms from the city. The bungalow is surrounded by lush plantations and orchards, which give a picturesque view of the surrounding scenery.

You will definitely find a unique charm in this modern house that offers a lot of convenience as well as privacy to its inmates. This bungalow has an interior layout of the ultra modern style, while the exterior features of it are based on the rustic beauty and the theme of the bungalow itself, which is a popular holiday home.

There are many things that you have to look for when selecting the right house that you will live in, and the bungalow elevation is one of them. The exterior part is the first thing that you should check if it has good exterior.

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bunglow elevation

bungalow elevation

49×69 ft 3381 sqft bungalow elevation design with car parking and boundary wall design.


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bungalow elevation

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