simple front balcony design house 22×45 ft

This is simple front balcony design house 22×45 ft, It is a two floor front design that is the best modern architectural style.

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22×45 House Plan

The house plan size of this home is 22 ft width and 45 ft length total of 9,90 sqft area, and the construction area is around 1,980 sqft for two floor.

22×45 Best elevation design

22 ft Best elevation design in modern architectural style.

floor details

The elevation is two floors with two bedrooms with an attached toilet and one kitchen, store room, and living hall. Stair should be inside and car parking.


The design uses white, grey and light pink colour combinations.

constructon Materials

This elevation design material is used in ms and ss pipes, glass and wooden tiles, and brick plaster colour and texture.

22×45 construction cost

Construction Quality Excellent total construction in sq ft 1,980 sq ft total construction cost 2,772,000 Rs approx.

This simple front balcony design house 22×45 ft was made for our in Ajmer, rajasthan and and India client.

Ajmer, rajasthan

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