Elevation for houses

  1. Elevation ideas for double floor houses in India are plentiful, especially when using 3D designs to envision the final result.
  2. For small homes, a simple and cost-effective approach is ideal. Using a white and crème color theme can create a modern and elegant look, and unique tiles can be used to add a touch of character.
  3.  A front stair and modern boundary wall can elevate the overall look of the house.
  4. Whether building a normal or small house, careful consideration should be given to the design and materials used to achieve the desired aesthetic while staying within budget.
  5. With the right combination of elements, the elevation of a double floor house can be transformed into a beautiful and functional living space.

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elevation for houses

elevation for houses

38×45 ft 1710 sqft elevation for houses with double story  white and brown color boundary wall and glass section.


plot size


no. of floor





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best Elevation for houses 2023

One of the most important reasons as to why people choose a duplex house over an older home is because the latter may not have enough loft space, but height for houses can be increased. There are many companies that offer loft elevation design services.

These companies usually come up with unique and innovative ideas that help their customers to increase the level of space available inside their homes. A good loft elevation design company should be able to recommend many different options to their clients.