3d front elevation duplex house

Looking for a modern and stylish duplex house with a stunning 3D front elevation design. Look no further than our West-facing house with a beautiful white, brown, and grey color theme.

Our expertly crafted front stair section with glass adds an extra touch of sophistication, while our use of crème tiles and wooden accents creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.


best 3d front elevation duplex house

The plot size is 36 feet wide and 49 feet long, making it 1764 square feet in total area. This plot can accommodate a two-floor house design. It’s planned to have four bedrooms and three toilets, providing enough space for a comfortable living. 

The design includes modern features and utilizes 3D technology for visualization. One unique feature is the front stair, which adds an elegant touch to the exterior. With ample space for bedrooms and bathrooms, this modern house design ensures functionality and style. The 3D technology allows you to see how the design will look in real life, making it easier to make decisions.

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3d front elevation duplex house

3d front elevation duplex house

 36×49 ft 1764 sqft 3d front elevation duplex house design with parking cream and black color tiles.


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