New Simple House Designs - A Compelling Home Plan


The New Simple Home Design from the architects Designers of Kerala is a new modern and simple home designed by the architects. It is planned with interiors and exteriors, using new light technology. The home is located on the backwaters of Alleppey and Alappuzha.

This new home has an elevation of only 130 meters above sea level. The entire house is located on gardens and its surroundings.


New Simple House Designs - A Compelling Home Plan

The New Simple Home design from Kerala, architects uses new and simple house designs for building this modern house in Kerala. People these days are searching for simple and classy house designs that will match well with their budget and comfort.

 It is estimated to cost about 11 thousand dollars for constructing a house. The architects have used different new light technology in constructing the house.


new simple home design
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new simple home design 36*24 ft 864 sqft

new simple home design with parking and grey color tiles budget construction   


The New Simple Home designs Kerala has various images in it, which include images of large tea room, wide verandas with waterfalls in them, beautiful landscapes with flowing streams, lush green surrounding with coconut grooves and other such images.

These new modern house designs Kerala uses modern technologies and has modern interiors. One of the famous image in the New Simple Home is a Single story home in the back yard on a hill.

This particular house has an exterior of glass walls and interior of terracotta tiles. The front area of the house has a single story window with a view of the river and the surrounding green landscape.

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