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home elevation double story design

  1. Looking for a stunning double-story home with an Indian-style front elevation design.
  2. Look no further than our expertly crafted 3D house plan. Our normal yet elegant design is perfect for those looking to build in the village, with a beautiful white, crème, and brown color scheme.
  3.  Our use of wooden accents and tiles adds a touch of sophistication, while our expertly crafted CNC design ensures durability and precision.
  4.  The front stair section with glass adds an extra touch of elegance to this stunning home.
  5.  Plus, our modern pergola provides the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the outdoors.
  6. Whether you’re looking for a family home or a weekend getaway, our village house design is the perfect choice.

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home elevation double story design

home elevation double story design

29×39 ft 1131 sqft home elevation double story design with parking cream and grey color tiles. 


plot size


no. of floor





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top home elevation double story design 2023

two-story design with a raised floor that has sloping ceilings and no external walls is called the Home Elevation Double Story Design. The design is also called a “Vertical House” and can be used for apartments, condominiums, or even for single family home elevation double story design

There are many different reasons that this type of design would be appropriate for your home elevation double story design. The main reason to use this design is that it allows for more square footage in the space of your home and is better for those looking for a lower monthly rent, especially if they are looking to buy. This is also much less expensive than other designs that are designed with straight lines and straight ceilings.


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