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Home Design ideas If you’re thinking about designing a new home, why not consider hiring the best house design, service provider. Not only is this a great way to find the home design that will fit your budget, but also it can be a very exciting process as well. From choosing the home itself to decorating it, the home designer online can take you through the entire process. And best of all, you’ll be working with an expert who knows exactly what you want from your home.

The first thing you’ll notice when working with my house map home designers online is that we have a lot of design samples to choose from.  this sounds good,  This will give you more options and better ideas of what elements are important to you. When it comes to choosing colors and other decorating features, you’ll have more freedom.

You can get help from these home design images 3d plans to determine the overall theme, color, and texture of your house. Also, it will be very beneficial for you to get good interior designing ideas. These kinds of plans can help you in giving a complete picture of your house and will help you in designing your house accordingly. So, with these tips, you can have the chance of having a beautiful and comfortable home easily

Another important factor that will have an impact on the success of your home design is the cost. You must plan your budget well. If you are looking for low-cost house then you should go for ready-made houses instead of custom-made houses.


Home design ideas will help you to get idea about various types of house plan and front elevation design like small elevation design, modern elevation design, Kerala elevation design, European elevation design, ultra modern elevation design, traditional elevation design, villa elevation design, and bungalow elevation design

Here you can see the quality of work myhousemap.in is providing. You can choose home design for your house and customize it you can customize house plans and elevation designs as per your choice and in your budget cost

Here you can see the quality of work myhousemap.in is providing. You can choose home design for your house and customize it you can customize house plans and elevation designs as per your choice check our designed home design ideas and get your customize home design today

home design ideas

Home Plan Design – What Modern house Floors Can Do For You

A home plan design is very important to the new homeowner when they are choosing between a traditional home plan design and a contemporary home plan design. The old saying that you get what you pay for is certainly true when it comes to home plans. If you are looking for a home with ample windows that open up the whole house and provide a fantastic view, then you will need to pay a premium. However, if you are looking for a home plan design that will provide you with enough space to move around in and dine comfortably, then you may be able to find a less expensive plan that meets your needs at myhousemap.in.

Single Floor Plan Single Floor Plans is a wonderful option for anyone looking to live in a space that can fit just one person, or one suite. The benefits of single floor plans are that they offer a flexibility not found in multi-level homes. In other words, there's no need to break up the space into rooms by splitting the main entrance to the property into two different rooms - if you already have a single floor plan, this won't be an issue. But if you don't... then you'll need to either divide the property into rooms, or plan your move in period around your current home. Either way, here are some things to think a

What is an Elevation Home Design?

A home Elevation Design can be defined as an engineered visual representation of your home from the perspective of a visitor standing at it, right from the street. From a layman’s point of view, the concept of a home elevations design refers to the external appearance or facade, that is most fundamental when you’re planning to have your home built. It gives a preview of your home’s layout at different perspectives and thus can be used as a guide for home buyers. However, an Elevation home design is more than just a set of photos. They are a guide for home buyers to decide on the right kind of home for them. This is very critical if you want to sell your property within a fast time period, and ensure a higher selling price.

home elevation morden style

Duplex Home Front Elevation Design

Duplex home front elevations are widely constructed in modern or traditional style. In addition to front elevation, Duplex can be used for backyard garden or paved patio and pool.

In many models of Duplex home front elevations, the duplex features bottom unit built on the ground floor level. The reason behind this is to allow easy access to the extra space under the home using stairs. The entire construction is finished with an overlay of hardwood, brick, vinyl siding and trim. This makes the home elegant and appealing to the eye. When you decide to build your home, the first thing to be considered is the location. You should locate the most ideal location where the building will cover the most space.

In addition to Duplex home front elevations, there are other features available like: gable, over-street, hipped roofs, wrap-around patios and pools. Gable-style homes are designed to maximize the architectural functionality. Over-street designs offer additional space at the rear of the duplex home. Hipped roofs are roofs which are inclined on one side to allow better rainwater drainage. Wrap-around patios consist of a raised floor level, which allows easier maneuvering of furniture and pets.

duplex house

Simple Home Design Plans

If you are looking for simple home design ideas that won’t cost an arm and a leg then I have some great news for you. You can make your own simple home plan design and your entire home can be built on a budget. In fact you can have the building of your home all planned out at the beginning of the process or you can adapt a simple home plan design and modify it to suit your needs. The most important thing to remember when looking for a simple home plan design is that you need to look for simplicity and easy functionality within the home.

One simple but stunning simple home plan design is the meadow view house, also known as the barn style house front elevation plan. The meadow view house is another bold architectural project that belongs to platform 5 architects in Bedfordshire and is set on a large meadow. This project has two storeys and the main entrance is via a spiral staircase that takes you up to the upper floor. Each floor has a concrete fireplace which faces the street. A single concrete flat and slate roof with an additional wooden shed at the rear is the only embellishment on this otherwise plain and simple home. The overall effect is one of solidity and strength and this meadow view house offers plenty of this.

house map design for 150 square yard

Small Home Front Elevation Design

Small Home Front Elevation Design can be a huge improvement to the curb appeal and overall appearance of your home. It can increase the marketability of your home and make it appear more attractive to buyers. The Small Home Front Elevation Design includes a variety of changes that can add curb appeal to your home and make it look much bigger than it really is. Curb appeal refers to how much people can see the home when they are driving by. It can be described as an impression on a potential buyer has of the home when they are looking at it from across the street. There are several ways you can increase the appeal of the Small Home Front Elevation Design, including:

small home design images

Why You May Choose Simplex Home Elevation Designs for Your First Floor

Ground floor home elevations are a very important aspect of any home that is of a certain size. The first floor of any home is the level of ground, the house is on. There are many different ways to build and design the home, but one of the most popular ways is the simplex system. The simplex system involves first floor plans that are raised above the ground, and then the second floor plans are below ground.

In other words, if you have a modern home with two bedrooms, you can build the first floor plans above ground and then build the second floor plans under it. This is very popular because you can create the exact type of room you want. For example, if you have an extra large master bathroom, you can raise that to be level with the master bathroom and still have plenty of space. This is just one of the many ideas available with modern home elevations.

modern simplex house front elevation

Developing Modern Villa Exterior Designs

myhousemap.in helps clients achieve the livable floor plans they desire while leveraging budget, permitting, and space management concepts. The company uses both traditional and innovative techniques to help clients visualize theplans. They offer a full range of professional services for home remodeling, interior and exterior design, architectural services, and sustainable building and design.

myhousemap.in Floor Plan and Villa Home Elevation Design Company have been successful in providing clients with a variety of services that include; modern villa home design with a focus on sustainable home design & interior decor, interiors & exteriors design, eco-friendly design & construction, custom home solutions, and eco-friendly living. 

In essence, our services extend to high-end designing. We understand the process to develop floor plans, interiors, and exteriors, eco-friendly design & construction, and our solutions encompass a complete home design concept that takes into account a number of critical factors such as energy efficiency, materials selection, windows, doors, roofing materials, landscaping, transportation, communications, and much more. For more information on our services please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

villa elevations​

bungalow Home Design Plans

The bungalow house plans are the most popular type of home styles that are available to anyone who is looking to build a home. This style of design is something that is fairly easy to build and it can even be a lot easier than many other types of different types of designs. Bungalow home plan designs are one of the best kinds of homes that are available and they are some of the best-looking types of houses that you will find on the market. There are a few different things to take into consideration when you are looking to have this kind of house built, including different bungalow home plan designs. These homes are great for those who want to live in a bungalow-style house, but they also come with a number of different benefits that people enjoy.

The main benefit that these bungalow home design plans offer is that there are plenty of different sizes available, which means that any home owner can easily find one that is suited for their own personal needs. Bungalow house plans can work with different floor plans

A bungalow home design plan can also feature an expandable great room or master suite that can be built in during the course of the construction process. The expandable great room or master suite will feature two or more rooms that can be opened up to give you additional space when it comes to living arrangements. Other great features that come with this type of design plan are that there will be plenty of light and heat that can be brought into the space, giving it a nice outdoor feel.

bungalow elevation designs

Exotic Kothi Home Design

The most modern low budget Kothi Home Design with impressive 3D views of architectural models of your home and best mind blowing interior plans with perfect blend of modern home decor and classical Indian architectural designs is the first floor of a luxurious colonial building . This luxurious Kothi Home is surrounded by lush green greenery and tranquil water body. The beauty of this building is the reflection of the beauty of the river Ganges. It has been designed with excellent architectural features to make your home a dream home.

In this Kothi Home Design, each and every corner of the house has its own meaning and it is designed with multiple layers of bricks and mortar. Best architecture technique is used for the construction of the house. For the first three floors of the building the marble work, colorful wallpaper and exquisite wall paintings have been used for the first three layers of the building. On the top of the floors the designer has used the exotic wall tiles in vibrant shades.

All the walls and floors are painted with beautiful pastel colors. Each and every wall of the house-front design has a unique meaning and the architect has used the best materials for its construction. Each of the building’s rooms are well furnished with modern furniture, comfortable beds and tables, beautiful paintings and modern lighting system. You can take the tour of this Kothi House from your very own location. So now you don’t need to wait for any other builders to build your dream home for you.

kothi front elevation design​

Designing Your Home

Home design is a complex procedure, as there are different factors to be considered while planning a home. While planning a home one should decide what will be the use of the home. Will it be an office, a store or a guest house? Will it be used as a summer home, a holiday home, or as a permanent residence? There are many things to be considered when planning a home design and this article concentrates on the main factors, which are the location and the size of the home.


An interior designer helps in deciding the design and furnishing the interior of the home. There are many kinds of accessories available which can be used in the decoration of the home and the interior designer helps in deciding the right kind of accessories according to the theme of the home. The furniture arrangement and color of the walls and curtains also depend on the interior design. The furniture interior design can be easily altered with the help of a special kind of lights and mirrors.


Paint Visualizer Another good option for you to choose is the paint visualizer software that offers free floor plan designs. You can choose from different interior themes available in the market. This is a great way for you to find out how your interior will look like before you actually start building your home.


Bathroom Design With the help of bathroom design software options, you can easily plan and design the space of your bathroom. The design of the bathroom plays a crucial role in determining the overall feel of the home. If your bathrooms are well designed, it will enhance the whole of your interior. It will make the home appear elegant and spacious.


3D Floor Plans is some of the most interesting things you can use to improve your home. There are several benefits of using this type of plan software. A lot of free floor plan software options are available online that offer 3d floor plans for you to choose from and create your dream home.


Small Home Interior Small home interiors require more work than their larger counterparts. However, they are easier to maintain and can save you money on your electricity bills. You can get small home interior design plans from any one-story home plan software that offers small floor plans. If you want to add a bit of spice into your small home interiors, you can use modern lighting options that will not affect the quality of the rest of the interior.


Outdoor Area Three bedroom house plans with outdoor areas can give you a lot of fun while also increasing the value of your home. If you have a spacious outdoor area, you can design three bedrooms in it using large home interior planning programs. This outdoor area will be great for entertaining and having family events. However, when you have small children in the house, you would want to ensure that the kids are kept away from the cooking area, so you can design three bedrooms with the space you have. You can also add a carport, canopy or garage as per your requirements.

front simple home design

Look for the Best Home Interior Decoration Ideas Through a Large Selection of Online Interior Design 

Are you planning to redesign your home interior? If yes then there are many online services that can help you out in this regard. There are plenty of websites on the Internet that offer services related to home interior decoration and designing. With a little search on the Internet, one can easily find several such online services that offer a wide range of home interior design services.

myhousemap.in is one such website, which offers a huge variety of accessories and furniture for your home. This website also gives you the option to personalize your home with different types of accessories. It is also very easy to browse through the various products offered by this company. The home interior design plan 

If you want some unique home interior design for your home then try looking for the myhousemap.in This is an amazing unique plan designed by the renowned architect. The plans include a beautiful garden with winding driveway and beautiful stone arch designed staircase. it has excellent window placement and spacious corridors and living rooms with grand views. The house map online gives details of the complete set up of the house and it includes a complete list of items and materials.

interior design

Best Home Front Design

Indian home front design can be very interesting with different kinds of color combination and arrangement. For the walls, you can have different kind of patterns and painting. For the gates, you can have different designs for the doorways, like the western doors and also different kind of designs on the fences. For the front porch, you can have different kinds of arrangement, such as the Bazaar front porch or the Bazaar entrance design.


Indian fashion home front design: Home front designs in India are mainly based on the terrace and the veranda. The size of the Indian home front design house is much larger than that of other home designs. The veranda wall is the main attraction of the Indian home front design. The front wall of the house is wider as compared to other home designs. Also, the parapet design and the boundary wall of the Indian home front design is really appealing. The best home front design will have the staircase design with the gate and also the stairs design in the home front designs.


Indian home front design also has some amazing patterns like the Bazaar front porch and the Bazaar entrance. It is really amazing to know that the front elevation of the Bazaar front porch is really amazing and really beautiful. So, if you want to get more information about the Indian designs and home-front design, then you can get more information from the Internet. You can get the latest home front design from the Internet and can make the decoration of the house better. You can make your home safe for the children and also can decorate your house and can make it beautiful.

indian style home front design

New home design

A new home is not just about sleeping comfortably and eating well. It is also about making a good impression on the people who will be moving into your house. While making your home attractive to prospective buyers, you cannot neglect the exterior appeal of your house. There are many online resources available that can help you choose the best landscaping design to improve the appearance of your home.


One of the online resources that you can use is My House Map. This website provides access to hundreds of beautiful houses all over India. 


In addition to providing you drawing maps of your proposed layout, building plan view and square footage. Moreover, you can also avail additional services like building analysis and even get custom home plans with my house map. Most of these services are provided. However, if you want any additional information or have any queries about any of the available drawing maps, you can email or call the customer service team at My House Map.


it helps you plan your home designs according to your convenience. You can search various houses and obtain relevant information about their floor plan and floor area. You can then modify the floor plans according to your requirements. You can add extra rooms to the house free of cost as well. Furthermore, you can also select the appropriate location of your home within the boundaries of the drawing map.



For your convenience, there is a comprehensive range of home designs for all types of properties like bungalows, duplexes, row houses, townhouses, condominiums, townhouses, bungalows, triangels, modular homes and high rise apartments that you can search  from the leading home design portal in India.  including the detailed floor plans.

new home elevation design

Home Design Plans

Wondering which site is the finest site for home design plans? From the thousands of companies offering wonderful home designs online, how can you really ensure getting home design plans from top award-winning interior designers and architects? So have looked extensively and researched some of the top home design websites to collate a top list of the finest sites for home design plans. The result is below.


House Plan Interiors: You cannot say that all the professional house plan designers and architects are proficient and experienced. The vast majority of designers on the web are no different than the local carpenter/designer. All they provide is house design plans online. The final product will be of a house that doesn’t fit your needs and demands.


My House Map: One of my top sites for home design ideas is my house map website. You can search using any of hundreds of themes to choose from. The product is basically a compendium of ideas about every type of house, from one story homes to mansions. It’s very user-friendly They give you a lot of great tips, from cost-effectiveness to home design images 3D. My House Map has some beautiful 3D pictures, but you can see most of them by visiting their website.


Interior Home Design: The interior home design is another outstanding website offering fabulous ideas for home improvement. Here you get to browse through hundreds of ideas and home structures such as houses, cottages, villas, farmhouses etc. The best part is that they have tips for every category. For example if you are looking for a new kitchen for your home then there are many ideas to help you along your way. Here you will also find some very useful home decorating ideas like painting ideas and interior designing tips.


Interior Decorating: Some other great sites are home decorating forums where you can find answers to your home design questions or get tips from professional home interior decorators. They also offer special sections like home planning forums where you can discuss with home decorators or designers in the field. Here you can share your ideas, get tips from them and make your home the way you want it. Another place is to check out magazines like Dwell, Redbook and many more that showcase home interior design in the country. You can get home interior decorating ideas, home decorating projects and many more at these wonderful magazines.


Interior Design Ideas: If you are in need of some fresh new ideas for your house then you should look to look at some interior design magazines. They have several sections where different kinds of designers will share their ideas and you can see their work. If you are a bit innovative, you can even create a house plan and design your home according to the house plan. This will definitely make your life easier and you will have a great looking home. The best thing about designing your house by yourself is that you can do it according to your own style.

exterior home designs

Simple Home Design

A small home means lower living expenses, with high standards of living, in short, living affordable means living affordably. Living in a small home means doing things smarter. If you’re planning to build a new house and are looking for simple home design ideas, then keep reading.


Building a home often cost you much. So, the best way to reduce your house plan budget is by cutting back on some features. Simple home designs include many smaller rooms and less items. A big house has more things, but it also creates a sense of confinement. You may not be able to keep track of everything at once, and it takes up too much space. So, do your home designs that require less.


Building your dream home requires more money than you’d think. Most of the people look at home building as an investment, but in reality, most people spend all their money on the actual construction. If you want to build a small house design, then you need to create a smaller budget. However, your house design doesn’t have to be extremely simple. It can still be very beautiful and unique. Here are some simple home designs.


Living room The most popular area of a home is the living room. Most of the houses designs today include an open floor plan, with an inner courtyard, or outdoor sitting and relaxing area. In addition to these areas, you can still use all the other rooms inside your house. For example, you can use your den, office, and library in the same floor plan. These simple home designs allow you to maximize the usage of each area while creating a sense of uniformity.


Bedroom Another popular area of a home is the bedroom. Most people like to keep their bedrooms simple, so that they can get to sleep quickly and efficiently. While there are many house plans that include a bedroom, many are too fancy. Therefore, the best way to design your dream house would be to keep it simple. A bedroom should not look like a room in a hotel, or a work place.


Although most house plans include a kitchen and dining room, these are not the only places where you can use the space in your house. You can also add a utility room and storage shed onto your house. These simple house designs are simple to keep up as well. Because they are simple, they will save you a lot of money over traditional designs.

simple home exterior design

Know About Kerala Home Design and Floor Plans

My House Map is an online portal that offers home related information for residents of Kerala. It gives you complete information about house building, interior decoration, and other  related information. It also offers a special feature of selling beautiful house maps designed by architects and home designers. It was launched in 2009 and so far has gained a lot of popularity in the region.

Kerala home decor ideas – my house design ideas front design map building design are unique and beautifully crafted online portals. They help you find the most effective and beautiful designs for your home decoration and also helps you choose one according to your taste and budget. You can also find information about popular home styles and interior decorations. All the features are available in one single website including a FAQ page where you can get answers to frequently asked questions and get ideas through online interactive features.

Most of the online resources offer free house plans, house drawings, wall and floor plans, and lots more. These online portals give you a lot of options to browse and find your choice of design for your house. The best part about these services is that they offer excellent custom solutions. One can send his/her requirements online and get appropriate answers. You can get complete information about building constructions, interior designing, and house designs from these websites.

As per the requirements of the customers, various house designs and home decor ideas are provided by the various services. These services enable people to make their dream home a reality. All kinds of traditional and modern architectural structures are available. My House Map designs are made by experienced architects with creative ideas. This website offers front designs, interior and exterior home designs, and lots more.

Most of these websites have wide options for house and home decor ideas. One can search through various categories to find something that matches their expectations. There are front designs, interior decorating ideas, garden decor ideas, house plans, and lots more. These websites offer quality services at affordable prices. They also have an online community forum where you can share your queries or problems and seek assistance from experienced professionals.

Kerala home design 3d plans are not only helpful in planning but also enhance the entire look of your dream home. You can visit these websites and create beautiful home designs according to your own choice. My House Map is one of the most reliable portals providing quality home and garden design services to its visitors.

Kerala home exterior design

Why Do People Need Home Design 3D?

Home Design with an Online Elevation View can help you in many ways. You can make sure the floor plan is perfect before you start construction, get accurate measurements and get a good idea of what you have to work with. With the online elevation view available to you at My House Map, it becomes easy to plan your home. In addition, you can also find out where the highest parts of the building are and therefore where plumbing, electrical wiring and other essential parts of the construction need to be installed. Elevations can help you get a good idea about how large or small your home is.


Home Design with an Online Elevation View is more than just a floor plan. It is your home. When you plan your home, you may not have a good idea about space. To get an exact idea about space, you need to use a home design computer program. With a computer program that gives you the best house design plans, you can choose from a variety of home plans and get a more exact idea about how much space you will need.


Home design with an online elevations view is easy. All you need to do is log on to the internet. You will need a computer with an internet connection. Then, you will be given a choice of home designs. You can choose from them and follow the instructions for their construction. The process is simple.


The website available online allows you to get elevation design and house plans from different home designs. This will help you decide on the right type of building for you. If you want to build a new house and save time, money and energy on construction, then you can turn to online elevation design programs to help you. This will give you a house design that suits your taste. Whether you want to build a small, modest home or a luxurious home, you can choose the design that you find interesting or that fits your budget.


myhousemap.in offer not just home design 3d house designs but also 3d front elevation house designs. If you like the look of a certain home design, but would like a bit more detail, you can opt  the materials necessary for its construction. myhousemap.in also offer the services of an architect. This will ensure that the construction project will be professionally managed and executed. An architect can provide the right touch of professionalism to your home design.


People who want to build a new house or remodel their old house can rely on online home design programs myhousemap.in, people can have a look at the different houses and house plans available online. This will give them the chance to see the difference between actual and ideal designs. When looking for house plans, it is important to check online reviews and ask around for suggestions about the best plans to have in mind.

home design 3d

3d Home Design Maps: The Latest Step Towards Modern House Designs Online

Have you ever wanted to build your dream home but didn’t know how to go about it? Well, there are many ways where you can learn the process of 3d home design. You can either do this through online mediums or offline. With an online medium like My House Map you can actually have a virtual tour of your proposed house before its construction. Here are a few reasons as to why you should give online 3d home design a shot.

View Your House Plans in Different Scenery If you’ve never done any 3d modeling, you’ll be surprised to see that it can help you get a good visualization of your original resolution 3d online. With such software you can basically zoom in and out of a particular house plans image so you can get a better idea of how the house would look like. You can then modify the floor plan or add or remove rooms to the floor plan. You’ll be able to view the same house plans in different landscape variations as well as the sky. This will give you a better idea of how to improve on the plan.

3d home elevation design

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