Front elevation design ground floor

Front elevation design in Indian single story houses is a common feature nowadays. The contemporary buildings are all equipped with this wonderful feature. With the changing trends in the contemporary building world, architects and engineers have incorporated this into their new houses as well.

So, we are sure that you would not like to be left behind when it comes to these ground floor house elevators. If you are planning to buy an Indian single story house for yourself, just go through this article and get to know about its modern era.

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front elevation design ground floor

front elevation design ground floor

20×60 ft 1200 sqft  front elevation design ground floor with parking and cream color tile.  


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modern Front elevation design ground floor

The Indian architectural designing is well known for its use of Indian motifs and their use in the design of the Indian single storey house. The fact that the Indians are well versed in architecture and have been using this art for centuries gives them an edge over the western architects.

The main reason why Indians use this art is that they believe that it can help them create a unique space and make their houses look much bigger and stronger than their counterparts. These art forms are the Indian single storey house and single storey villas.

The traditional Indian single storey house is considered to be the strongest architectural design and is generally built with heavy bricks and stones which are used in construction. The use of bricks and stones in the construction gives the house a strong base that can withstand many challenges in the future.

Front elevation design ground floor