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front house commercial elevation

In order to get a commercial or retail location, the property needs to be able to be viewed from a desirable perspective and at the same time it needs to have a front office or a location for a reception or the front desk in addition to an exterior building facade. The best solution for this is by having a commercial elevation that has a concrete slab that has been built up on the ground.

This will give the building added height so that a building can easily be viewed from a higher level as well as having more open space. This means that you can not only build your front office and your retail store higher than a lot of retail stores, but also that you will not need to have a lot of glass to make the area feel a little less claustrophobic. This also gives you the ability to increase the size of your front door without needing to build more rooms in the building.

Commercial elevations are also becoming more popular because they are made from different materials than what was traditionally used for buildings. For example, if you are building a business office then you would have to use metal or wood for your building.

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front house commercial elevation

front house commercial elevation 20*50 ft 1000 sqft

front house commercial elevation with the triple story,3 shops and cream tiles  in budget construction  


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front house commercial elevation

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