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Front elevation Indian style

Best Front elevation Indian style

The painting of Sun Deities, which is inspired by my house map, represents the new front elevation Indian style. Sun Deities is the gods of knowledge, prosperity, and material comfort. These images have a strong cultural and historic association in India. Indian art has always portrayed the symbols and elements of the culture and tradition from the heritage of the people.

Front elevation Indian style

Front elevation Indian style 32*40 ft 1280 sqft

Front elevation Indian style with parking and dark brown color tiles  in budget construction  


How To Decorate A Room In Indian Style

Indian decorating can be done with various aspects like: front elevation, painting, and shading, border, flowers, and even floor covering. When you want to decorate your house or room in Indian style, you need to have knowledge about the basics of the Indian fashion and style.

Indian furniture and accessories are really very much popular in the market and many people are crazy about it. If you would want to make your interior design a special one, then you should start from the basic designs of Indian furniture.

The first thing that you should do if you would want to decorate your room in Indian style is to plan well. You should plan on the placement of the furniture, as well as the color and the theme of the room. The most common things that are usually placed in the Indian decor are: pottery, wooden furniture, paintings, rugs, and cloths etc.

In addition to the traditional Indian furniture, you can also go for the modern ones, as there are various types of designs and styles that you can choose from. You may also add some pictures or other decorative items like paintings, or even wood carvings.

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