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Front elevation design for single floor house

Best Front elevation design for single floor house

If you are planning to construct a new house or renovate your old house, then front elevation design for single floor house will be a very good idea. You should use this kind of design, if you have a huge staircase in your single story house.

This is because a lot of people spend more time walking up and down the staircase and if your staircase is long, then chances are that you will spend more time in the kitchen or washroom than you spend in the lounge and living area.

front elevation design for single floor house

front elevation design for single floor house 58*104 ft 6032 sqft

front elevation design for single floor house  brown  cream and white color with black tiles ,and boundary wall  in budget construction


Front Elevation Design For Single Floor House

For a newly constructed single story house front elevation has got to be one of the main factors considered. Especially, when you have little space on the first floor, where you can hardly squeeze in a single room. This is the reason front elevation is the most important factor to be considered while designing a new house.

In the recent times front elevation is not at all essential, as there are various other elements like windows, ramps, stairs, and so on to be taken care of. But the front elevation of your home is very much necessary for aesthetic purposes.

The door should open and close smoothly without any noise and should be able to withstand the harshness of the environment. In order to make your front door comfortable and durable, it is highly recommended to install solid wood door as it provides the best protection.

When choosing front door you should consider many other factors such as security, weather resistance, maintenance, style and color etc. If you do not know anything about these elements then you can hire a professional and he will install the door accordingly. You can also hire an interior designer and he will be able to give you a proper idea about all this.

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