Front elevation design for home

Best Front elevation design for home

One of the most popular front elevation designs for houses in Kerala is the mid-market and mid-skirting high-rise residential buildings that are characterized by open courtyards, intricate gated courtyards, and large parking lots. These residential buildings are fully equipped with all modern facilities such as air conditioning system, kitchen with all modern appliances, separate entry/exit doors, separate laundry area, separate garden area, security guards at doorsteps, swimming pools and jacuzzis, and many more.

The recent trend is that high-rise residential buildings are now considered to be more comfortable and trendy than the ground-level residential buildings. These types of houses usually have fully air-conditioned interiors.

front elevation design for home
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front elevation design for home
30*39 ft
1170 sqft

front elevation design for home with parking and grey color tiles in budget construction


Home Front Elevation Design – A Unique Modern Style

Indian Homefront Design is a unique modern style of interior decorating which has gained increasing popularity in the recent years. Indian interior designing styles are characterized by elegance, simplicity, and a strong positive image of India portrayed through the use of different common interior decorating materials.

A well-known and popular form of Indian Interior Design is the Indian home front elevation design. Home front elevation design is mainly meant to highlight the main features of a house. The main feature of this style is the front elevation, which is the first thing that can be seen by visitors while entering a house. Here we will go through the basic features of the front elevation.

Home front elevation design is often accompanied with an elaborate wall painting. This is done to increase the visual appeal of the front elevation and to make the area look larger. Wall painting is done on wooden or concrete floors to give an attractive look to the front elevation.

Some of the most famous examples of wall paintings that can be used for front elevation are the ones depicting the Mahabaleshwar Temple, Jain temples, and the Taj Mahal. Another form of wall painting that can be used for the interior of a home is the one that depicts a beautiful river or lake.

A unique characteristic of the home front elevation is that it is not very big. This helps to minimize the cost of designing the entire interior of the house. 

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