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Front and Side Elevation of Vine Street Redeemer Catholic School

The Redeemer Catholic Church and School is an historic property that is located on Vine Street in Vine Street, Philadelphia, PA. Its beautiful architectural architecture is complimented by a rich tradition of community service. The building is a combination of an orphanage, a church and a school. The church is one of only five in this area that was built as a church.

The school offers students a high quality education and an educational environment that allows them to thrive while they are growing up. This school is one of the oldest in this part of Philadelphia.

Front and Side elevations of this Redeemer Catholic School and orphanage, Vine Street, Ridge Avenue and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The front side of the building is made up of one large hall which has a classroom and office area. On the side of the building there are two smaller rooms such as the orphanage and a cafeteria.

The front and side of this building is decorated with historical artifacts from the day it was established. On the second floor there is a cafeteria and office area for the school administration. There are also other smaller rooms such as a nursery for the children, a playground and gymnasium for the students.

In order to learn more about the history of Redeemer Catholic School and orphanage, Vine Street, Ridge Avenue, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. There is a great program called “Redeemer: A Story of Faith and Hope” that will allow you to explore all of the history that the building holds.

During the program, you will meet the school founders, teachers and other individuals who have shaped the school’s growth. You will see the dedication the children have from their administrators, faculty and parents. The Redeemer School and orphanage continues to serve children and families from all walks of life because they strive to give them the best in education, faith and hope.

front and side elevation

front and side elevation
34*40 ft
1360 sq ft

front and side elevation design with car parking and cream color tiles in budget construction


Plot Size


no. of floor





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