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Colors For Hillside and Mountain Home Decorating

If you are considering updating your home, whether it is a single story ranch or multi-story high-rise, and you have redecorating your kitchen and bath area, consider building elevation colors. These are simply splashes of color placed on the walls and/or ceilings to bring a bright and cheerful change in the look of your home.

If you decide to use an interior designer to assist you with this project, they should know the different heights and colors that will enhance the overall look of your home’s architecture and design. It is also possible to use paint with a color that mimics the color of brick, stone, glass, or aluminum siding; however, these shades will be too bright and contrast with the original color of your home. Therefore, when you add the color of elevation, it will not be noticeable and will blend right into your home.

How to find out the elevation range of your home is simple enough, either by measuring your own home from the top floor to the bottom floor using a tape measure or with graph paper. If your home has slopes, you will need to measure the top of the stairs, and the corners of the stairs, as well as any other place that offers an elevation reading.

After you have found the elevation range of your home, select a color that best matches that range. You can do your selection in almost any shade, from white to anything in between, to give your home a nice color coordination. Of course, you may decide to change these colors after you have decided on what would be the color of your elevation range.

Elevation colors are a great way to update your home without changing the actual color of your home. However, if you have a home with a dramatic color change from the hillside to the coast, you may want to match the colors of your color scheme to the color of the new addition to give the impression that there is a progression of color through the home. Choose colors that are visually interesting, but not so intense that they distract from the rest of your design.

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