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Duplex home exterior design

If you are looking to improve the exterior of your home, a duplex home design is a great way to do so. By creating a two-story home on one level, it allows you to use more space for purposes such as a second or third floor, a large deck, or patio. 

Many homeowners who choose this style choose to do so because they wish to have the convenience of having the ability to reach higher areas in their yard. However, duplex designs are also very popular in urban settings, allowing for easy expansion of the home’s functionality.

Because of these factors, if you are considering a duplex home design, you may want to look into a few other options as well before settling on one specific model.

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duplex home exterior design

duplex home exterior design 25*45 ft 1125 ft

duplex home exterior design with parking and black color tiles in budget construction  


plot size


no. of floor





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Duplex home exterior design

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