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How to Plan Your Elevation of a West Facing House

West facing house elevations is just one beautiful images in 22 gorgeous home frontage design of House Plans images gallery. This image has the same size (1700×1125 pixels), same dimension and file size as above, you may click on the image above to view the full or large size image.

This is the fourth image of the series. Each of these house elevations have the same mountain of detail, buildings with same architecture details, different colors of the color palette and other visual stunningness.

If you like to build a house and build it at the right location then this article will be really helpful for you. In this article I am going to discuss about how to plan the house’s elevation from the ground level, to its actual look from above.

Planning for a mountain of detail buildings is just a part of this article. After planning the elevation of the house and its location on the mountain top, we need to decide which of the architectural design we are going to build.

If your house is on the east side of the mountain (meaning it faces west), you would build your house on the west side of the mountain. You could also build yourhouse on the north side of the mountain facing directly to the west (east). You could also choose any of the east / west elevations.

If your house is on the south side of the mountain (meaning it faces south), then you would face the south and build your house at its western end. You would also face the south and build your house at its eastern end.

west facing house elevation

west facing house elevation 50*23 Ft 1150 Sq ft

west facing house elevation design with car parking and black color tiles in budget construction


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