House elevation double floor

  1. The contemporary double-floor house building in the village boasts a stunning elevation with a simple and low-cost design.
  2. The front of the house is adorned with a simple pergola, complemented by wooden and stainless steel pipes, and glass panels.
  3. The house features a white and brown color theme, with crème tiles adding to its aesthetic appeal.
  4. The CNC design of the house is unique and gives it a modern edge.
  5. With its simple yet elegant design, this house is a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication.

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House elevation double floor

House elevation double floor

22×47 ft 1034 sqft House elevation double floor with parking and cream color tiles. 


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Double story home plans with attractive double floor elevation designs for dual storied house. The architects have designed this type of home plan that is well suited for your requirements. It has been built to meet the modern elevation living standards and needs of people. You will surely love to dwell in such kind of house which is available in many different sizes.