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House elevation latest front design

  1. When it comes to building a house in a small Indian village with a normal budget, the latest trend is to incorporate modern design elements while maintaining a simple style.
  2.  A 2-floor house with a white and light crème color theme can be achieved with the use of grey and wooden tiles.
  3. The front elevation can be enhanced with a front wall round design and a front stair section.
  4. Using 3D design techniques, one can create a stunning house with the perfect balance of modern and Indian styles.
  5. This type of house design will definitely stand out among the other houses in the village.

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House elevation latest front design

House elevation latest front design

20×35 ft 700 sqft
House elevation latest front design with parking and vlack color tiles.


plot size


no. of floor





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top House elevation latest front design 2023

The only way to increase the value and marketability of your home is to have a modern house elevation. This type of design and work on the home elevations, floor plans, landscaping and exterior home design can dramatically change the resale value of your home and make it a selling property.

It is possible for you to have the best looking front design that can attract potential buyers and still keep your home at a reasonable market price. Here is what you need to know.


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