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Looking at your nearby houses and bore of the same old and barely elevation styles is quite a turn off right now is it not? So if you desire to update your duplex houses and modernize them, 

then you must definitely look into the below mentioned elevation styles for duplex houses. Elevated duplex designs are a good idea if you wish to upgrade your current design with a modern touch. 

They are also good for those who want to get their houses redone with a new style in the future. There are many advantages and features that these types of elevations offer to the duplex houses. Here are some of them.

Simple Duplex Design: The basic difference between simple duplex and the traditional duplex design is the fact that they are different as far as flooring, wall color, roofing materials and fixtures are concerned. 

These two types are usually constructed with two main floors, while the other type is commonly built with one main floor and a second floor that is attached. 

One way of making the floor of the simple duplex is to build the floors one after the other. A simple duplex is made with four walls and the other kind has two. A single floor duplex design is made with three walls, while the other type is made with four. 

This type of design allows the homeowners to adjust the height of their homes in the future. It will be possible to move out in the coming years without having to spend too much on buying new duplex houses.

duplex house elevation design
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duplex house elevation design 24*40 ft 960 sqft

duplex house elevation design with parking and cream color tiles in budget construction  


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Duplex House Front Elevations – Two Stories With One Level

My House Map is the most preferred provider of top-notch front elevation designs for the duplex houses. The website has several amazing designs and options that can suit your taste. Each design is unique and truly gives you a rare look that is a combination of beauty, elegance, luxury, and simplicity all in one. If you are going to construct your house, you’d know that getting top-notch designs for your home is very important because it’s going to be one of the main features of your real estate investment. So, it’s important that you choose designs carefully.


But what if you don’t have enough money to have an expensive house? Don’t fret. You still have good options if you look online. One of the best places to find top-notch house front elevation models is to visit online house design portal websites. myhousemap.in have wide collections of different home designs that come with different floor plans.

duplex house
duplex house

Floor plans are important if you are looking for something that will fit to your personal needs. But before you choose the design, you need to consider a lot of things like how big you want the duplex home front elevations to be, the number of rooms you want to accommodate, and your budget. Some popular floor plans include loft designs. However, if your home is spacious, a loft would not be good enough for your needs. You need to have extra space for additional storage.


For this reason, another option that you can explore is to use the bottom unit or the second floor as a conversion area. With a traditional duplex design, you might find that it is difficult to turn the lower level into a comfortable sleeping area for you and your family. This is why you can make use of the bottom unit as a conversion area. Since you are able to convert the bottom unit into a bedroom, kitchen, or study area, you will be able to utilize more space in your duplex house front elevations.

Another thing that you can do is to install an atrium on the bottom floor. This is a great addition to your house-front elevation plan. Aside from providing extra space, it will also add another level of functionality to your home. Duplex homes with an atrium can be considered as traditional duplexes with an updated living experience.

Having a beautiful duplex design that can be achieved through the installation of two stories on the lower level and a single story on the upper level will surely make your home look elegant and sophisticated. 

This kind of design will definitely give you a wonderful experience whenever you go to sleep at night. If you want to have more convenience in your daily life, you can opt to use the upper floor for the living area and the lower level as a sleeping area.

Although this type of duplex homes can easily fit into any type of property, you still need to ensure that you get enough space for the overall construction. You need to make sure that you get a duplex house front elevation plan that will surely meet all the requirements of your home.

Finding duplex House Plan Ideas From the Comfort of Home

A duplex house plan often gets confused with a tri-level plan. They are not the same, despite some people’s inexperience with designing duplex homes. A duplex house plan often consists of a duplex with three or more rooms.

It’s like if you have five different houses on your block and all the houses share one common wall. You can call them a “duplex” because they have all the common features that you would expect in a duplex.

double floor simple home design
duplex house plan

The best way to start designing a duplex house front elevation is with an online home building website.

One such portal is “My House Map”. This website offers many interior design ideas. All you need to do is look up your address, click on “home maps”, and it will give you a map of  home. There will be an outline of your house that will look like a duplex. You can see the exterior shapes and the way the interior design ideas will look like in that room.

Once you get the outline of your dream home, you will also have an idea about how much your dream home will look like after you finish it. You can change the exterior shapes and also about how you want your home to look like. You can add more rooms after you have finished with the exterior design. You can choose to go for modern, traditional, eclectic, or classic looks.


You can find some interesting ideas and information online about creating different types of layouts. One thing you need to keep in mind is that not all home design ideas work for every house. You need to create something that will be unique for your duplex. Your home has to fit in with the surrounding area. So it is important to know about the common geographical patterns and the elevations before you build your home.


You can see  ready-made house front elevation design for your own use. All you need to do is to modify the existing elevations by adjusting the building width or floor area to fit the concept you have in mind. These online resources make it easy for the layman to come up with the design he thinks would best suit his home.

Some online sites offer a ready-made template with instructions on how to make it look like the models you have chosen. They allow you to make changes and choose the colors you want. You can even choose the kind of doors you want. If you are having problems using these house-front elevation models online, you can simply contact their customer service executives over the phone or online and they will be happy to assist you. Just remember to check the dimensions to make sure that the model you will purchase is applicable for your property.duplex house plan

Building Modern Duplexes With, 3D Designs And Architecture

Indian Duplex House Elevation Design is the best way to maximize the value and beauty of your home. It has a lot of merits, which are not available anywhere else in the country. A good layout can be achieved with ease and you can get it done at a reasonable price and within the budget of your family.

In the process of planning and developing this unique house, all amenities and options available online came into play for you.

There are various ways to build duplex houses according to the interior design of your choice. You can decide on the type of construction and then go about the entire process of building a beautiful duplex house elevation.

All the exterior designs are also available on various websites. Here you have an option of using high quality building material which can be used for creating a beautiful house architecture. Here the best thing to do is search on various online portals for getting some of the most useful and reliable interior design ideas that will help you create something of your dreams.

small best home design
duplex house

The interior design software makes it possible to create a 3D house front elevation design using various types of building materials. With the help of the  online house design website myhousemap.in, you can select any of the materials for designing a house with utmost ease. You can also get many attractive duplex house elevation designs for different types of home.

Here you get to see a complete range of exterior home designs.

The simple house plans for duplex design includes a single-story duplex style with two levels. Here you will find details of duplex design plans such as the front elevations and the interior elevations. The front elevations show the entire layout of the home. You will also get details of the house placement.

A simple house front elevation design comprises of a single story duplex style with two levels. Here you will get to see details of front elevation plans such as the interior design, landscaping, and the architecture. You can even download the building plans for creating a beautiful home in a simple style such as the interior design and the landscaping. It is also possible to view the home drawings plans for building a duplex style with elevations. Here you get to know all the important aspects of the duplex design like the location of the building, the size and the cost of constructing the house.

Simple house designs residential homes with excellent landscape are designed with ease. This is because they are simple and easy to build. Simple designs residential home architecture plans with elevations enable you to build a home in the backyard.

In this way you will get to know all the important aspects of building the home. You can even download the plans for building the home of your choice from home architectural plans architect drawing simple duplex house designs.

You can also use the blueprints duplex house designs interior, exterior home plans and outdoor home designs. Here you get to know all about the features of the exterior and the interior. The blueprints for building the exterior home provides details about the materials to be used for construction and the amount to be paid. It helps you make the right decision in choosing the right color of the paint. You can also use this plan to select the door panels, windows, doors, roof, siding, and other features of the home.

The interior of simple duplex home modern duplex plans design drawings includes the complete description about the furniture, window decorations, and other fixtures of the house. You will also get to know about the space available in the house. All these details help you decide on how many rooms there should be in the house and how much more space you require for running the household. These are just a few things included in the home architectural plans.

Duplex House Design Architecture And The Simplest Of Designs

Duplex house design is really very popular in this modern world. These houses are well suited to middle and large-class family residing. House has two adjacent living units so that two groups can share conveniently and comfortably. Duplex is a combination of a duplex house and an independent dwelling unit. You can easily convert this duplex into an independent home with easy and affordable finance options available in the market.


When you want to buy a house and do not know how to choose a right residential house design then this article will provide you some useful information regarding it. You will get complete details of easy steps to follow and complete professional assistance. You can purchase an inexpensive home plan with easy to understand instructions from a licensed architect. Architects give you complete assistance and advice for best residential house design triplex.

simple home exterior design
Duplex house design

In simple duplex house designs, the front and rear elevations of the building are different. In story house designs, the elevations are same. So, it is quite confusing to buy a house for your permanent residence. You must seek help from architect to make your dream home into reality. He will advise you regarding which type of dwelling suits your lifestyle, budget, and area.


In simple duplex house designs, the main building is known as the loft. The other two floors of this simple dwelling is known as the first and the second story. These types of dwelling plans have single storey only. There are also other variations of simple house plans such as the casement, tri-level and pent house.

You can also use simple duplex house design drawings to create different kinds of floor plans. The drawing feature provides an easy overview of the entire structure, elevations, and sizes of walls and windows. It also helps in determining if the structure can be made with the materials you have selected. House elevations and width can be determined with help of floor plans. This is why these drawings can be so useful.

If you want to make a simple apartment building or villa, then you can just look up simple duplex house designs in an online database. You will get to see the simplest of houses, the most luxurious villas, and the most elegant apartments. In order to build such beautiful homes, you should first determine the size of the building you want to build. Next, you need to choose the best design city for your home designs, based on the square footage and the land area of your property.

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