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duplex Exterior Design For House

Duplex exterior home designs for house is gaining popularity among the masses. It’s a combination of contemporary house plans and modern interior courtyards. maximum use of the slope.

The duplex has two units, which are placed one above the other in a duplex construction. duplex exterior design for house thus stands for two-storey dwelling, with ample space to the external courtyard.


top duplex Exterior Design For House

A new trend has come up with duplex exterior home design for a house that is famous for its large courtyards and is also known as loft architecture. A small house exterior usually aims to create more open space by building larger courtyards and elevations. With the new loft technology, the entire construction gets a new look with a beautiful layout that is also highly convenient.

A large number of duplex construction has come up in the recent years. It’s an ideal home plan for families residing in the countryside or living in the city.

The bungalow is truly a one-of-a-kind building which was constructed in an extremely unique style keeping in mind the natural surroundings as well as the surrounding houses. All the rooms in the bungalow exude a traditional Indian appeal with rich decor and furnishings to create a cozy ambience.

Most of the people prefer duplex construction to make maximum utilization of their gardens and open spaces and making maximum use of the natural light. Exterior home designs for house are gaining popularity amongst the people of all cultures and nationalities. Some of the popular features that are available in the latest trends include:

Kerala house elevation designs & plantation home designs. Nowadays, the most popular exterior landscape designing technique is “box house” or “sheriff house plan”. “Box house” is basically the design that makes maximum use of the corners and “sheriff house plan” is the layout strategy that makes.


duplex exterior design for house

duplex exterior design for house 60*77 ft 4620 sqft

duplex exterior design for house with parking and shops on ground floor budget construction   


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