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Duplex Elevation

Best Duplex Elevation

Duplex Elevation model is an excellent example of contemporary architecture, which consists of a single leveled structure. The duplex structure features two independent levels, which are interconnected to each other via an open ceiling. This building type has various uses like offices, shops, theatres and even residential homes.

However, when the duplex elevation was introduced, many architects and home owners have started complaining about the similarity between the traditional buildings and these new ones. So if you are one of those who would like to convert their present home into a duplex, it is very important to check out the following aspects related to duplex elevation.

duplex elevation

duplex elevation 34*39 Ft 1326 Sq ft

duplex house elevation design with parking yellow and cream color tiles   in budget construction


Designs of Duplex Elevation Plans

Duplex Elevation Design is one of the most common type of home design. It is like combining two duplexes into one house. Each duplex has its own loft and upper level with separate entrance. The duplex design allows easy access to the loft from the main level and vice versa. The duplex design also saves on the area which is necessary for the construction of two houses.

Double Storied Cute 4 bedroom house plan in an area of 1520 square feet (150 square meter). Total Area: 1800 square meters. Ground Floor: 900 square meter. Second Floor: Unlimited square meters

This type of duplex is an ideal residence for any family. The duplex can accommodate children from ages six to eighteen. The duplex design allows you to use the upper level for the games room and the lower level for the bedroom.

You can also use it for office space or dining area. With a duplex elevation plan your house becomes much more adaptable and easy to live in. for the residents of a duplex.

Most homeowners prefer duplex elevation plans as they can build a house within a limited budget. A good combination of duplex designs with the duplex elevation plan will maximize the available space and open up lots for the residents.

It is very popular in cities like Vancouver, Houston, Chicago and San Francisco. In Canada, the most popular design is duplex with grade separation.

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