Double Story Exterior Design For Homes


Double story homes are a great choice for a large family. They allow you to have more room and open up the house, whereas single story homes may feel claustrophobic. With double story design there is an additional living area on the first floor, but no bedroom on the second floor.

The best way to design a duplex to work is to use modern elements in the design to make the best of the space, while still leaving the feeling of spaciousness. This article will give some ideas of what elements to include in your design plan.


Double Story Exterior Design For Homes

One of the best things to include in an exterior design plan for a duplex is a large fenced in back yard. This makes the yard more like a patio, giving the appearance that it is even part of the house.

The best way to design a double story interior for a home is to use the space in your duplex to create two different living areas, with seating areas on each floor.


double story exterior design for home
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double story exterior design for home 29*59 ft 1711 sqft

double story exterior design for home with parking and shop on ground floor  budget construction   


This can be done effectively using bar stools on the lower level, with an optional bookcase on the upper level. This type of interior design is best used when the home features an open floor plan.

A double-story exterior can work well if the duplex has a large deck, or balcony. It can also work well if the duplex features a separate sitting room on the top floor, and a second bedroom or guest room on the bottom floor.

 A double-story exterior can also be designed to include a master bathroom. In this case, the bathroom can be a separate room that opens onto the deck or balcony. The best way to incorporate the exterior into a duplex is to integrate both the inside and exterior elements so that the duplex is transformed from a house to a home .

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