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West Facing Home Elevation Designs

For the home buyer who prefers to go in for a house facing the coast, the West facing home is the best option. For a home buyer who likes to build his house on a land, the West facing home is also the most preferred. People who love to enjoy the beauty of nature also love the West facing home. The beauty of nature is not only limited to the East but also includes the West facing house.

West facing houses are also known as villas or condos. They are available in different sizes and design. These houses are also known as single story home. A single story house is generally very spacious as compared to the normal homes. A single story home can be built either on a hill or at sea side. Generally these houses are built in the western direction or the east facing houses.

Elevation is one of the most important features of any house. The elevation of the house depends on the size and number of rooms. For small houses the elevation varies from two to four feet. The same is the case with large homes. A large home can be built either at sea side or at a hill.

A large home should have a high ceiling. There are many ways to build a house of any size and some people prefer to build a house that looks like a small castle while some prefer a big house which looks like a city or town.

west facing house elevation designs

west facing house elevation designs 40*53 ft 2120 Sq ft

west facing house elevation designs with double story red and white color and boundary wall  in budget construction


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