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Indian House Elevation Color Combinations

When it comes to selecting design elements for Indian house elevation color combinations, there are many options to consider. Elevations in India range from rustic and wooded to modern and whitewashed. And every Indian home has an entrance door that is either painted or stucco painted to match the exterior design of the house.

As there is a great variety in colors, tones, and textures of Indian wood along with different variations in the use of color throughout the interior of the home, you can often find a perfect palette of color choices for every part of the exterior and perhaps the most surprising element is that some Indian designs can work equally well with white paint as with a darker or lighter shade of color.

This is one of the most important considerations in Indian design and one that you might want to pay attention to when selecting Indian home exterior design for your own use.

Another factor to consider is that of porch design. There are several ways to incorporate color into an exterior design scheme for your porch or veranda, but the simplest way is simply to choose a design that matches the color of the exterior siding.

If the siding is painted a rich, exotic color, then you can choose a design that is similarly colored. For a more contemporary look, you may choose to choose a design that is monochromatic, which will work equally well with unpainted and painted surfaces.

One of the most popular color combinations used in Indian design is red and green.

The deep hues of red add a richness to the design, and the vibrant shades of green provide a clean, crisp, stark contrast that emphasizes the beauty of the wooden pieces. Red and green are the traditional colors for Hindu marriage, and while they have no religious connotation, they are still highly respected and considered to be an important part of Indian decorum.

While this is true, the color combination does not have to be limited to such a tradition, as you may choose to incorporate the color in other areas of your home.

indian house elevation color combinations

indian house elevation color combinations 43*42 Ft 1806 Sq ft

indian house elevation color combinations with car parking brown and white color glass section in budget construction


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