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West face house elevation

  1. house with a double floor or G+1 elevation. The house’s color theme includes white, grey, yellow, orange, and brown, while the tiles’ design remains unspecified.
  2. The house’s exterior features a simple boundary wall, while the front or west face remains undefined.
  3. The elevation indicates a height of around 30 feet, suggesting a spacious layout. Additionally, photos of the house are available, which can provide a better idea of its overall design and aesthetics.
  4. Overall, the keywords indicate a modern and stylish house with a double floor elevation and a range of warm and welcoming colors.

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west face house elevation

west face house elevation

30×55 ft 1650 sqft west face house elevation with double story  yellow grey and orange color boundary wall and black  tiles.


plot size


no. of floor





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best West face house elevation 2023

The West Face House Elevation is a unique and unusual mountain resort in Banff, Alberta. This picturesque area of the Canadian Rockies is truly a place where you can escape the everyday grind of life and appreciate the beauty that nature has bestowed upon you.

Situated about one hundred feet above sea level, this mountain retreat is an absolute paradise for hikers, mountaineers, and avid outdoor enthusiasts. Indeed, if you’ve never been to Banff, check out some photos from visitors, and prepare to become addicted to the beautiful wilderness that awaits you at the West Face House Elevation.


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