Small Home Exterior Design


Small home exterior design can be a fun and exciting task when done in the right way. The key to small home exterior design is to think like a homeowner when planning your home’s exterior.

Small Home Exterior Design

What would you like to have on your home? Is it important for your house to match your yard or are you comfortable with a very different house front look? Once you decide on these important factors, you will be better prepared to begin your design process.

small home exterior design
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small home exterior design 30*50 ft 1500 sqft

small home exterior design with car parking grey and brown color tiles  in budget construction  


Small Home Exterior Design Ideas

Small home exterior design can come in the form of a square, rectangular, round, or oval-shaped house. There is a wide variety of house types and styles to choose from so it is always important to plan a home exterior design well before starting.


The main aim of this is to provide the perfect look to a home. This can be done by finding the best and latest designs that are available in the market and then matching up with the existing design that you have.

The square or rectangle home exterior design can come with the square, rectangular, or circular house building. In city areas, this most often happens. You can also have the presence of open window facades with old brick or stone barns on top.


The presence of wide glass facades give the generous lighting penetrating through the large glass both day and nighttime. It also gives a very modern and stylish look to the entire house.

You will get the best modern designs like these by doing extensive research online about different home types and then comparing and finding out the one that would be right for your house. Once you are done with all this, you can start your small home exterior design.


The oval or round home exterior design can be done on an empty lawn. You can try to dig some holes on your lawn and build the walls on them. This can make your yard look quite neat and well maintained. You can also have an open plan house with the entrance and the stairs facing the exterior of your house.

 This is a perfect design for an urban setting because it gives the best exposure to the street view. The outdoor living space and outdoor living room should be separated by some plants.

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