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simple house elevation

Simple house elevations are the latest trend in home building and designing. This is done by constructing a simple single story house with an attached duplex dwelling on top of it. The duplex dwelling is designed as a one unit but has two or more rooms that can be easily converted into a small single story residence when needed.

Simple house plans are very popular, and many home buyers will prefer to build a duplex house over a similar style home, which costs more to build. Many times buyers of duplex houses know that they will be making additional additions to the home later on, so it makes sense to choose a simple house plan and add on as your needs and situation grows.

Another great advantage is that most duplex plans allow you to build two units onto each other, adding an extra bedroom or additional living space to your home for less money than it would cost to purchase two separate units.

So, if modern two storey house design appeals to you but you don’t want to put in huge expensive landscaping projects, a simple duplex home may be the way to go. But how can you find a good home design plan that suits your needs and budget? Easy.

You can use the services of an Australian interior designer who will create a home design plan that suits your preferences for space, form and colour that meet your exact specifications. Whether it’s a comfortable home you’re looking for or a beautiful duplex home to enhance the appeal of your property, an experienced designer can help you create a beautiful house for you.

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simple house elevation
simple house elevation 25*40 Ft 1000 Sq ft

simple house elevationwith double story broun and white color cream  tiles in budget construction


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simple house elevation

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