Modern home elevation design

Modern home elevation design The most famous home design in India is the design of a duplex house. In simple words, the design is very simple and gives a new appearance to your home. The Modern home elevation design gives a perfect view of your home.

Modern home elevation design

Some other aspects of duplex design are that the doors of both sides of the room and the rooms are open and the living room has an elegant staircase. see the best corner Modern home elevation design


Modern home elevation design
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Modern home elevation design 30*46 ft 1380 sqft

Modern home elevation design with parking and two side entrance in budget construction  


Most Beautiful Homes – Indian Design

The contemporary elevation design is more creative and gives a different style. This is the design where you can choose from many types of rooms. It includes the kitchen, dining room, living room and family room. The main purpose of duplex home elevation is to give the illusion of having many rooms.

The design of this is so simple that even a person with bad vision does not need to worry about the design as the design is very attractive. The most important part of this design is the kitchen which is a central point of this design and the family room is also a central point.

 In this way you can have multiple people in one room and they can all be comfortable in their own area.

There are many other modern homes which are very beautiful but they do not provide much privacy. The privacy of these homes can be provided by the interiors of the house. There are modern homes which give the same look with the addition of the windows or the roof of the house.

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