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indian house elevation

  1. If you’re looking for inspiration for an Indian-style house elevation design, you can’t go wrong with a simple yet elegant approach.
  2. A double floor design with a normal front and a simple boundary wall can be accentuated by using white, grey, and brown colors, with a crème color theme to tie it all together.
  3. Adding glass elements, such as windows or doors, can bring in natural light and a modern touch.
  4. Using 3D pictures can help you visualize the final design and make any necessary adjustments.
  5.  To add a touch of uniqueness, consider incorporating SS pipes into the design, which can add a sleek industrial look to the house.
  6. Overall, a simple and elegant Indian-style house elevation design can be achieved by using these elements in a thoughtful and creative way.

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indian house elevation

indian house elevation

27×62 ft 1674 sqft indian house elevation design with parking cream and brown color tiles.


plot size


no. of floor





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best indian house elevation 2023

South Indian House Elevation has been a popular house design that originated from the South Indian country of India. It is known as the South Asian House Elevation because of its origin. The South Indian country is the country of Rajasthan, located on the western tip of India. This country has been one of the most prominent and most populated places in South Asia. This place is called the South Asian House Elevation because of its many characteristics that distinguish it from others.

South Indian house elevation is a house design that is created by adding several architectural elements, such as gabled roofs, to the traditional houses. This kind of house is very much different from other kinds of house designs because it adds more value to your house. The major feature that distinguishes this kind of house is that you can choose from different materials used to make it, such as wood and brick.

With the addition of these materials, it makes your house unique, attractive and very beautiful design. This house can be designed by using different architectural elements such as open roof, gable roofs and various terracotta roofs. These elements help to make the house more unique and very beautiful. Another great characteristic is that you can have a modern or traditional look to it depending on what you want for it.


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