house plan two bedroom 34×60 ft

house plan two bedroom 34×60 ft, car parking with front garden and modern house plan, stair is inside.

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House Plan 2 bedroom

34×60 House Plan

The house plan size of this home is 34 ft width and 60 ft length total of 1,344 sqft area, and the construction area is around 2,040 sqft for single floor.

34×60 home plan

34×60 ft Best home plan design in modern architectural style.

34×60 house map

This is a single-floor house with two bedrooms with an attached toilet, one drawing room and library, kitchen, living hall with one common toilet and car parking with front garden.

house plan two bedroom 34×60 ft, modern house plan design Kochi, Kerala and India client.

House Plan Design in Kochi, Kerala

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