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House elevation pictures

Best House elevation pictures

House elevation pictures can be very helpful in the selection of house plans and building designs. House elevation photos are available for all houses constructed between 1920 and 2021 and are usually submitted to the Kerala Model Houses Association (KMHA) for inclusion in the house plans. Elevation photographs are the key to knowing the accurate slope of the hill face as well as knowing about any slopes or level areas that need to be worked upon.

If you are not aware of any such information, then you should get in touch with an expert who will be able to help you figure out the same. Photos have been submitted by the house owners to the association so that all members have the same chance of enjoying the house plans and building their dream house that they have always dreamed of.

house elevation pictures

house elevation pictures
40*60 ft
2400 sqft

house elevation pictures with parking and brown wooden design in budget construction


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