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home front elevation

Many people who are building their new home and have small to medium sized backyards often have difficulty choosing the proper home front elevation for their home. It can be quite confusing. Well, in this article I will show you how simple it can be to choose the perfect home front elevation for your property.

First, let’s define the home front elevation by explaining what it is – elevation on your property from the ground level to the home front door. Now, what’s the difference between a side elevation and front elevation, if you are a model builder still confused on this subject?

Well, if you are a model builder, then you may not need to be confused because you understand what side elevations are, but if you’re doing your own home planning and building your home, well, you are in for a big surprise! Side elevations are the elevations on your home plan from the ground level to the front door or to the garage.

Most home plans are set up this way. However, there are some rare cases where the home elevations are opposite to each other, which can cause serious problems when building your home and when you are trying to sell your home.

There are many reasons why this can be confusing. The first common reason is when the home designer sets up the home plan with side elevations, but he or she forgot to make the elevations equal on both sides of the house.

In most cases, the home elevations on the outside of the house should be the same on both sides, but this is usually not the case. So, if you are planning on building your home the right way, and that includes balancing your side elevations to scale on the outside elevations, the simple solution is to make sure that both of them are the same on both sides.

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home front elevation

home front elevation
40*80 ft 2400 sqft

 duplex home front elevation design  with parking cream and brown color tiles in budget construction   


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home front elevation

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