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Today’s home owners are more concerned than ever about home elevations. Modern home design, remodeling and construction techniques have advanced to the point that there are many options available to home owners when it comes to improving their home’s elevations.

The most popular option seems to be in modernizing the kitchen. If your home was built before 1950, you may need to make a few changes to your kitchen design in order to meet modern specifications.Modern home elevations don’t just apply to the kitchen – any home high enough to have a staircase should also have a good set of custom home elevations. When performed correctly, the kitchen will be higher than all but the worst floods, including the 500-year flood mentioned earlier.

Many methods are available for custom home elevations. In general, they entail (1) raising the home using mechanical scaffolding or (2) extending the existing floor plan downward and then adding on top of that a mechanical scaffold that raises the home by several stories.A third way that home owners can upgrade their home elevations is by simply making changes to their home floor plans. This can be accomplished with ease if you know what you’re doing, but it’s still not something you should try to do unless you’re confident in your mechanical skills.

The best approach is to consult an elevation expert who will determine what your elevation needs to be and then draw up a floor plan that will allow you to incorporate the necessary alterations.

Elevation experts will know the best places to start looking for improvements that will increase your home’s elevation and then draw up a detailed home elevation plan to show you the best ways to implement those modifications.


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home elevation

home elevation

40×30 1200 sqft three story home elevation  design black and gray tiles. 

40×30 ft

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