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Ground floor house elevation design

Best Ground floor house elevation design

You can always obtain the best designs of homes by choosing the apt ground floor house elevation design. This lovely one-storey house plan has an overall ground floor space of 107 square feet and the additional ground floor space is the rooftop deck above.

It has an integrated design with the characteristic gable and pointed roofs. The property has been newly built and offers a modern yet period look.

front elevation for ground floor

front elevation for ground floor 35*50 ft 1750 sqft

front elevation for ground floor brown and white color with black tiles boundary wall  in budget construction


Height Home Design – 3 Different Styles For Decorating Your Single Level Home

Latest front elevation for ground floor is a new technique of building front elevation by means of a stoma with the help of skylights and windows. Skylight techniques are considered to be the best in front elevation building front projects due to their unique facility of supplying natural light to the ground floor and skylight project can be availed at very less cost.

Latest front elevation building projects such as stoma and skylights with their attractive combination of lighting facilities are becoming hugely popular among home owners. One can use skylight in every nook and corner of the house, which will increase the value of the property.

Skylight techniques were first used in the 17th century with the French Revolution. The French developed the concept of roof elevation to provide better ventilation and lighting conditions in a building. With the help of skylights, one can now have a sense of great openness and spaciousness in a room. This is not possible if you have a flat upper floor.

If you want a more modest and sophisticated type of lighting for your home, then the best way is to opt for skylights with adjustable floors. A skylight with adjustable floors means that you can increase or reduce the level of light you receive, depending on the time of day or the season.

This is one of the simplest and more convenient variations in height home design and also has the added benefit of being less expensive than other options.

house design details


plot size


no. of floors





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