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Front Elevation Designs For First Floor Home – A Good Home Design For a Small House

In all interior design for first floor home, there are two different metrics which architects follow to make the plan or layout of the new house. First one is the traditional front elevation design and the second is the new construction front elevation.

The front design shows you an overview of the property. When you have such a design, you can easily visualize the different places like entrance, front porch and yard. You should not forget to include a formal sitting area as well as a foyer and an exit point. Also you should not forget to include your bathroom and kitchen.

This type of design is best for any home especially if you have limited space. But you should remember that this design is also good for small house but you should also keep in mind that these homes do not have enough space so you will need to make a lot of changes.

You should also try to make it look more spacious. You should make it have open doors so that it can become a more airy place to stay. Also you should include a large dining table for more seating. This is also the best place for you to enjoy a romantic date with your significant other.

Indian homes are known for their uniqueness and originality and in order to get it, you should know how to bring in more of it. This is how you can have more and better ideas about new construction designs for first floor house in India. These are just some of the design ideas that can help you improve and bring more of it to your home.

If you have too much room for improvements then you may think of building a new house in your existing land. This is how you can do it. For this, you can hire an architect who specializes in this type of designs and you may ask him to build the house for you. There are many architects around and you may ask them to give you a quote as to how much money it would cost you for this task.

front elevation designs for first floor house

front elevation designs for first floor house 30*40 ft 1200 sqft

front elevation designs for first floor house with grey and yellow color and glass section, boundry wall in budget construction   


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